[Denied] Dr Tommy Helper App

[Q1] What is your in-game name?

My in game name is Dr Tommy

[Q2] How often are you on the server?

I’ve been on holiday this past few months now I’m back on the server everyday nearly 7 hours on…

[Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper?

Because I love helping people, also and I’m a creative builder and sometime I build for member if they get into trouble becoming a crew. And ill answer any question that people throw at me. So I’m able to do more good for the server. We all have that one thing that makes us happy, and to me that one thing have always been helping, assisting people in different kind of games and in real life aswell. I know that there will be times where the staff members will be busy, and when you have finished one thing, there is immediately another thing to solve. I am ready to switch on my Try-Hard mode, and be as helpful as I possibly can.

[Q4] Will you prioritize on helping others and answering questions over other things?

It’s simple really, this is the only server I play on, the members are my family. I would still do my duty as a helper and help people with their needs but with the ability to watch over the server and make it as civilized as possible when a person of a higher rank is not on. All this really means a lot to me, and I believe I am able to make the server a better place. I have always been friendly and calm person. When playing this game and this sever of course I am surly of prioritize helping and also be answering every questions.

[Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?

I always answer any question that people ask me even question that I don’t know I give it a try. I’ve also been familiarizing myself with the commands and rules of this server. Also ill follow by the rules for Helper to do nothing stupid, be fair to others, and I will try my hardest to be as active as possible. I will respect my authority’s decisions, unless it’s against the rules. I will be kind to all players, and welcome new members. I love this server and I will stay on it for a long long time! I will maintain my helper role by attending the server regularly.

[Q6] Tell us about you?

My real name is Nathan I’m 21 years old just finish my second year at UNI I live in my own place I have a girlfriend, also I watch to much TV so I watch any kind of stations or channels, such as Family Guy, Futurama, CSI Miami, and ETC… I’m a bright person not a terrible person I hate bully’s. I also really enjoy gaming.

That Concludes My Application I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading.


Its a little short, however I think you’ll be a good helper. You have my +1.


Tommy, are you sure that you’r going for 4th attempt?
Lots of new players have come as they barely know you.
If you choose on keep going with the application,
its really short and you need to work on it.
Good luck


there we go i added tones more


And now you need to fix some grammar mistakes such as
“I am surly of prioritize” and others. That’s the only thing that
needs to be fixed out of all the assessments.


how about now

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Much better now but minor stuff that aren’t changing much.


Application is now denied, you didn’t get to the needed support.
Addition-Due to the excessive amount of un-succeeded applications,
you won’t be able to make any more within the next 40 days.