[Denied] chevalli's ban appeal.

( Q1 ) Https://dark-gaming.com/ban/3593.

( Q2 ) No, I was lackadaisical and careless. So I didn’t look to the rules.

( Q3 ) Yes, I considered that absolutely fair, My insensitivity direction led me to a ban.

( Q4 ) I request to forgive my foolishness. I’m sincerely apologetic for the complete anarchy I did to the staff and admins, I acknowledge their hard work into the server and their community. I wouldn’t do such a thing ever again like that, And if I did. You’ll have the right to ban me permanently. I’m like any other hacker you would see, but can you give me at least one more chance to revel in the server again. I guarantee that wouldn’t happen again. I’m ashamed of what I have done to the server and the community. If there is anything I can do to negate what I’ve done, I promise that I’ll do it. I comprehended what I have done wrong, and I will fix it in any way available.
I’m awfully sorry for my actions!

Sincerely, chevalli.

Your entire appeal mirroring rofle’s example appeal, if not obvious, lacks sincerity. While you’ve been able to use synonyms and replace nouns, you hardly address (not that it is your words in the first place) hacking in survival being your main issue. And when I cleared your inventory initially, you immediately left. You went on again and immediately started cheating in items again, while I had just suspected you to be holding onto hacked items from someone else. Then anytime I joined you once again left. That and your facsimile appeal might in fact given the impression of insincerity.