[Denied] Chaos Deity's Helper Application

[Q1] What is your in-game name?

My in-game name is Kua5005-ChaosLord, but I usually use /selfname and rename myself to Chaos Deity.

[Q2] How often are you on the server?

I am on pacific time and I don’t have a specific time for when I’m on, but I’m mostly online after 3:00

[Q3]Why do you want to be helper?

Mostly because I want to help this server grow and I love helping others and I also like this server a lot since it’s unique and you’ll never find a server better than this one. I also would strive to make the DG community more enjoyable to be in, since there is some profanity towards others and I’m starting to see that more and more. Also, I heard you need more helpers, and I willing to give some of my time to help out the server and the DG community.

[Q4] Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?

Yes, I will put aside anything I’m doing and put aside my normal crew perks just to help others. I am able to put aside anything without complaining or saying “Oh, lemme do this first” to help other players, even if it’s just a question. So, if anybody on the server needs anything, I’ll come help, though, it’s not like I’ll be putting down something extremely important.

[Q5]Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions put to you?

Yes, I do have enough knowledge to answer many different questions put on me, I’ve been on here a few months to a year, maybe even more than a year, so I do have enough knowledge to answer any of your questions :).

[Q6]Tell us about yourself

I am just a 15 year old teenager who likes gaming in his free time, but I really like pvp the most in games. I’ve got a steam account, and it is kua5005, but, I’d like to know who you are before you attempt to add me. My main gaming interests is Terraria, Pokemon (not just Pokemon GO guys :P) and sometimes Space Engineers . I have some interests in subjects, but my main ones are science and math.

Rather short but solid application. Your grammar seems quite adequate, and you’re an overall nice and helpful guy in-game.
Good luck!
(Plus you help me all the time…)

+1 An overall friendly and helpful individual.

Like Avery, I feel this application was rather short… It wasn’t bad by any means, but a lot of it could be expanded upon. I don’t quite play often enough to say whether you help or not, so I can’t give you my support or say otherwise, so I’ll just request that you expand a bit on all the questions past Q2. Good luck

Ok, I expanded it a little. Some I don’t know what to else to put down, but that’s just me.

Question 2 is not completed. I suggest you reread through the format and correct it.

+1 You totally deserve it man! Good Luck! I hope you become helper as you help peeps alot! (even me lol)

Ok, I completed more of Q2

Still not convinced that you are ready for the next phase. Since this application was made, there was a time where I had to reply to a question someone put forward, and then you would say hi in the chat. You say hi to me, but you do not help that person.

Of course I do not get notifications every time someone asks a question, so I cannot accurately quantify how many times this occurs, however noting your online state and the amount of unanswered questions that I see can say something about that.