[Denied] Brianna's Helper App


You are very kind to everyone, and you have a lot of experience on the server, and you are great at helping! I believe you deserve this +1

well explained and long and you helped a lot in the sever so +1 for me

[b]+1 [/b]Bri, You are a great friend and I think you would be an even better Helper. I wish you luck on this and you have my [b]+1[/b]

You seem like a nice person so +1

In short, great person, great app. You seem to want the position enough and the application shows this. +1 from me as well :smiley:

This is a lovely application and considering what I have heard of you, it seems like you help out. However on your profile it says you are a member. I’m sure you know that you have to be crew to apply. :confused:

Oh, my bad. How do you become crew?

I think I’m just going to delete this.

Never mind this, Have no idea how to become crew. :L Meaning I probably won’t try this again even as crew. But unlikely.

You just link up your steam account and server account in the DTP, link next to the forum button in the top bar.

Problem to this is, I don’t know the login of my steam as it was passed down.

It just logged out to.

Someone should delete this, I’ll make a new one some other time

Aww… I was just about to give my +1 too…

Donuts just said I had to be Crew, It’s not working.

Hm OK but I can’t delete this. There’s a rule about making applications with timeout periods if one does not meet the requirements. Due to you removing the OP’s contents, it no longer meets the specification and will be denied.