[Denied] banned???

I was playing 1v1s and then computer crashed for like 2 minutes and when I came back to the server I was banned. I honestly have no clue why I got banned but I know that some people in the 1v1 lobby were hacking. so maybe I got mixed up with someone else. pls unban, i rlly like the server and would never knowingly or intentionally hack and ruin the time for everyone else.

ban link: dark-gaming.com/ban/3402

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You were banned for hacking in PvP.

If you want to be unbanned, you can create a new thread, following the Ban Appeal Format. Your appeal will then be handled by the moderator who banned you (MrSandwich).
*Edit: Appeal denied: No response within 3 weeks. Start a new appeal if you’ve come back.

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