[Denied] Banned? For what?

My username on terraria is Hex. I was banned for no reason. I don’t hack, I don’t swear, I don’t spam… I’m not doing anything wrong, but I was banned for life. I’m confused. Please un-ban me.

Either you are blind or you are confused. Your ban has a link to a webpage, that webpage has a reason.

What are the bannable offenses?

Those are the rules.
Go there to see how your ban appeal is supposed to look.

Ok, I’m sorry for caps abuse. Please un-ban me. My name on this game is Hex. Wait, your the one who reported me!

Still need to read what is provided to you. Not following the format prolongs the length of time you are banned.

This is my opinion, but I think only hacking and griefing can get you banned for life. I just abused caps.

You’re only going to be banned for life if you do not listen to what we are telling you. Follow the Format or you will never get unbanned.

Dood of swag if you REALLY want to get unbanned. Scroll up to my last post and click both links. Read ALL the rules. Once you have read the rules and then understand them, click the other link to follow the format on How To Appeal a Ban. You can’t just say what YOU think is wrong. Servers have rules. Follow them and you’ll be fine. Break them and you will deal with the consequences.

You know what? Forget it. I’m not gonna get permanently banned just because of 1 little screw-up. I’m going on a different server, and that’s my advice for anyone who reads this. You might as well shut the server down. I am out… PEACE!!!

And I would like to put a final note here; follow the format, answer any questions by staff, and depending on the reason for ban you will get unbanned within 1-day of appealing. However, if you act like the person in this appeal you will notice that it will take much longer, and you will get frustrated.