[Denied] Application For Helper

-Have been on the server for at four days: Yes more then three days
-Not have any past offenses put on you (Within the last 5 days) even if they are as low as warnings: IF you count my deranking no.

  • Have good spelling and grammar (to an extent):Yes I do if you see me on the server I have great grammar and fix it if I miss spell
    -Have a verified in-game account:Yes I even though it was bugged for a solid four days I have a verified account.
    -Be mature: I am mature alot but at some moments for at least five seconds I do go a little odd (I’m not lieing I show honesty to show I am responsible for honesty)
    -Be willing to give up normal crew ways to help people:I will Ive done it alot but the most important thing is that they feel comfortable with the server and the staff.
    Main Format/Application
    [Question One] What is your in-game name?:My in-game name is Dunder/Dunder147 (For anyone who is wondering it means thunder like my name ^-^)
    [Question Two]How often are you on the server?:I am on when ever I have free time I go on which means my free time is huge so 2-5 hours per day.
    [Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper? :This is a major part which I will make my best in at least four sentences. I would want to be a helper since most of the time most of the server asks alot of questions those are new people mostly, but disregarding that I would say no one answers them since alot of people are quiet. I was demoted for this but this was the problem that I was eating also alot of the time I would have to remind them that not to use caps/spaming if as a crew they do not care but as a helper they take it. Lastly the way people act is usually mean
    , hurtful or just plain rude and I can come in there and tell them not to do that.
    [Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?: Yes about the server the most asked question is by new players “Where is the arena/bosses at?” then I can inform them about it. When they ask about items I know mostly ablot about it but I was gone awhile but I was informed about the items alot so I think I can be there for them.
    [Q6] Tell us about you?: I am a 13 year old male who loves the anime space dandy and fairy tale. My favorite snacks are Cookies and string cheese. My favorite games would be terraira and the halo series without regards of how bad they are I still love all of them. I love the songs made by vexare, Carvan palace, and more eletric bogaloo.I do not have anything else to say since I told everything about me! :slight_smile:
    Applicant Warning
    By posting an application you automatically agree to follow the Staff Rules and Agreement if you are accepted. Your application will be given 3 days to accumulate at least +3 as a total of “+1”'s with a reason. Asking people to vote on your app is generally a bad gesture and you should only tell people that you have made one. [I agree to the warning]

I think Dunder147’s de-rank was unfair and I think he should be a helper again, +1 from Harry

Random bump

Dunder you have a nice app and all but your still not helpful even after your derank someone asked a question guess who had to answer it mungoman.
I dont think I can +1 this but I wont -1 this either
I am starting to doubt your helpfulness (if that is a word)

It’s a word perky :stuck_out_tongue: I think

It’s a word perky :stuck_out_tongue: I think

Animated when posting something press it once or it gets a bit spamy :expressionless:

Animated when posting something press it once or it gets a bit spamy :expressionless:

Like that ^


Bump since today is my last day or I don’t even try to re-apply o-o if it gets denied

Dunder started me out, helped me gain knowledge about building, spawning, helping others,and a lot more so I give him a definite +1.

Dunder is amazing at seeing people who need help and he just goes right to them with answers! +1

wow I got +1’s again 0-0 looks like it happened to start Ill love to answer questions as a pred till rofl see’s this

Unfortunately your app is going to be denied, for several reasons.

  • You were tested by me and Perky_kat Posing as guests asking simple questions and we were either ignored as you told someone to not use Caps instead of helping us “WHICH IS NOT YOUR JOB”.

  • On several occasions I had to ask several time in Caps lock to get you to notice me.

  • After coming back onto my super-admin Character and asked you why you did not acknowledge me you said that you get lazy, and that you had only been on the server for 6 minutes. When I had been Testing you over the course of 15 minutes and making sure that Warsong was talking to you letting me make sure that you were indeed on the server.

  • Instead of understanding that you had not acknowledged me as a “guest” you decided to lie about it.

Hopefully this is sufficient.

These are 2 requirements of being a helper you must drop everything to answer a question. Not make up excuses that you are lazy or that you weren’t online.

  • Be willing to give up normal Crew stuff to help people
  • Already help people on a daily basis and answer questions
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So warsong wants me to be a helper

Should i make one of these :3?

I’d rather you have posted this elsewhere as replies are suppose to be on-topic, however if Warsong recommended you apply for helper it would most certainly mean you would need to fill out your own application, like this one, in order to apply. Just make sure to take close attention to Box’s post it will help you.

Aye and thank you m8.

Yes. You should be helper.

Ignore; I made a mistake XD

Sorry for the deny m8. Saying that halo is bad just killed it for me XD.