[Denied] anouther helper application

Q1 ] my in game name is sooner(Nathan) but some just call me Nathan

Q2 ] i play the sever mostly every week end from 8:30 am to about roufly 10:00 pm

Q3 ] i helped build some of the arenas.(the one William made) i would like to point people down the right path and to help them get on a good start.

Q4 ]I’m in real life Nathan 11, I’m a 5th grader have a lot of friends. A ton of people like me like kids,teachers,parents.

This lacked writing and you didn’t really put a lot of work into this. Sorry for being negative.

I agree, there’s no proper grammar or evidence of proofreading, along with short answers. Sorry, if you really want to be a Helper, you need to rewrite this. Try looking at other peoples’ apps to get some ideas.

You are also banned so getting it wouldn’t matter.

Sorry… :frowning:

what’d he get… nvm, not gunna de-rail this…

He was banned so this should be closed. Also, he was banned for griefing.

He griefed my ropes :frowning:

Hes a griefer

So this thread should be locked

guys i really want to be a helper i play the server like a week evrey day i enter the server my name is 4zz4m I really appreciate to answer me to get me helper and yeah that all of it thx

he isnt banned though i have a screenshot but i dont know how to post it
it said sooner(nathan) has joined

Yes he is. He grieved

well hes not banned cause i know what i saw and it was this morning it said (the chat) sooner(nathan) has joined

Guess he needs to be banned again then.

RDF, are you sure you IP banned him?

Yes I am sure but I’ll do it again to be sure.

Wow that is a weird sentence :smiley:

rubberducky how do you become a helper

Scroll down on the forum then click application mod admin other then click helper format. Then get out of format and click create thread then write it.

well I have some evidence that I should be a Helper on the dark temp sever.
I’m 10 my real name is Gavin my terraria guys name is Mr. mandudeguy and I know all about terraria.
I have a x-box 360 my name on that is Creepingking654 and always play terraria, minecraft, but mostly skyrim.
I don’t always go on the sever but I go on when I can :slight_smile:
oh and I forgot to say my terraria guys class is mage I know almost all the commands but I can give people stuff
so I hope you let me be a helper or a part of crew!

The guy wrong place to right it