December Updates

This thread is a compilation of recent updates and upcoming ones.

PvP Controller

  • Fix Nettleburst
  • Fix Nimbus Rain
  • Fix Crimson Rain
  • Fix Stynger
  • Fix Rainbow Gun
  • Fix Inferno Blast
  • Fix Tiny Eater
  • Fix North Pole
  • Fix Molotov Fire
  • Fix Toxic Cloud
  • Fix Crystal Charge


  • Weapon changes page that displays all weapons that have been changed, with their changes
  • More weapon fixes
  • Weapon Buffs
  • New hack preventions


  • Fix issues with name locking
  • Fix issues with string reading/writing causing crashes


  • Ability to invite people into a lobby on a different Dimension

Dimensional Chat Relay
Built for people who use more than just Dark Gaming. Allows you to switch between your favourite servers, talk from another and combine their chat in-game. If you are someone who uses Dark Gaming as only one of your active servers, you can request this program via PM.

Trading System

  • Starter items now start with full life


  • Equips no longer drain while not online
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