December Update

This is the thread for updates for December.

December 22nd, 2015
[li]Shop and Trading pages now function as intended[/li]
[li]The DP and related information (in the top-right) now update properly. Meaning that while in the shop, when you buy an item, or sell an item, your DP will be updated in real-time (note the delay due to verification)[/li]
[li]Zombies Ammo Bug and Sword bug should now be fixed. There are still some exploits that need attention, but when these are fixed, this GameType will contain automatic rewards. It is also planned that PvP GameTypes will have rewards too, including but not limited to DP rewards, titles, tags and colours.[/li]
[li]TheInfestr’s Zombie Arena (or map if you prefer) has been added[/li]

Along with the rewards for GameTypes, there will also be difficulty ratings on zombie arenas, that will increase or decrease the initial score multiplier (the current amount can be considered as x1); harder zombie arenas will have increased multipliers (such as x2) which will also multiply with the current existing multiplier (given as the integer value of Round divided by 5, + 1; Round 1 = 6/5, rounded to 1, Round 5 = 10/5 = 2). The score gain is proportional to the XP gain, meaning higher score multiplier also means higher XP gain.

More updates to come and this thread will be used for them.

If you were to make a list of all the updates and things that you have planned to do/fix, where would the Project Battle Arena be? Just curious since we’ve been kind of ignoring it for a while

I was waiting for you to commit the fixed coin gif. I don’t have many sprites to work with yet, and I’m not entirely sure how to work with what we have at the moment. And I don’t have enough time anyway.

OHHH, right, I forgot about that, sorry. I’ll fix that some time and try to make some more maps and sprites.