Death Sickle is too op

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Death Sickle

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
ok so the Death sickle it self already deals alots of damage in pvp and yes i may be easy to dodges but when theres 2-4 people using it, its just ridiculously op

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
first: Death sickle causes so much lag when theres too much people using it

second: its deal so much damage and you may calling me skillissues but ya i understand that but most weapon in pvp require skill and speed to attack enemies but death sickle only need to ran into enemies and hold it for moment and they dead even new player could get 10 streak kills only using death sickle

third: encounter with a server with 3 people using death sickle is like jumpscare

finally: death sickle spammer sare pure nightmare pls get that thing away

[Anything else you would like to note]
i really scared of those Death Sickle projectiles’s hitbox they are legit undodgeable and there projectiles would only disappears in ages especially the fact the they causes lag. They better get nerf

  1. Death Sickle being laggy is a problem on your part, it’s not laggy to anyone with a half-decent phone/pc, there are much laggier weapons.
  2. Yeah, it does a lot of damage, but so do a lot of swords and it’s counterpart, ice sickle. Dealing with it is really easy, just keep your distance. Also, anyone could get a 10 killstreak with a sword, Death Sickle isn’t an exception.
  3. Well… I mean, if all the new players have figured out that death sickle is working for them, that’s great, but anyone better than the guy who just joined the server on their iPhone they got for their 13th birthday can have the mental capacity to realize that death sickle isn’t the answer to everything.
  4. Just run away, he can’t hurt you unless you let him hurt you.

The projectiles have awful range and are overshadowedby chlorophyte partisian

  1. nah i dont think laggy is only my problems bc most people device were crapped chinese samsung and window 5 pc and for sure theres way more laggier weapons like north pole but the fact that many newbie realised that death scythe deals so much damage that they would start spamming it as hell

  2. sure many weapons like breaker and ice scythe deals tons of damage but ice scickle doesnt causes much lag as death sickle and its more easy to avoid since ice sickle projectiles would dissappears way faster than death sickle and also
    lag + death scythe jumpscare = me dies
    for sure many ppl could get 10 killstreak but when come across a death sickle main you cant handle him in melee and the only way is bubble gun is best way but when come across 2-4, i still could counter them i have to suffer from extreme delay thats also the reason why people keep getting tp to everywhere bc the sound and the projectiles that death scythe made the game have to load and makes everyone delaying

  3. fr fr i still could smell the pain from those words



uh no, death sickle has pretty short range and is overshadowed by ice sickle anyway. Literally any decent ranged weapon can take death sickle spammers out pretty easily.

Even on my crappy kindle, death sickle spam never lagged me lol

most weapons require skills? my life is a lie. Just like any other weapon spam, Sickle spam is annoying, but antirush trivializes it.

yeah, sure, and I’m good at PvP.

If ages is a few seconds, then yes, it lasts for ages. The hitbox does linger while it fades, but the key is just not to ram into the projectiles. Additionally, the projectiles stand out against the background.

see previous address to this concern.

  1. yes it have short range but when comes to melee it could shattered you faster than breaker and ice sickle projectiles have smaller hit box than death sickle and also lasted shorter than death sickle projectiles and sure it could be counter by any ranged weapons but infact death sickle is a arena control weapons and they could block your moves since there projectiles could stand longer than ice sickle

  2. no frickin way you never got lag by it anyways the thing here isnt just the projectiles making the game lags its also the sound it made causes everyone to get delay even if you turn off the sound everything still lag and the sound would stack up

  3. ye i may wrong on most weapons require skills but most weapons that could spam usually could be affect by anti rush such as terrablade and vortex bow but death sickle is also a melee weapons that also deals damage when the sickle touch you not just the projectiles and its projectiles when release doesnt goes fast as terrablade or many fast weapons so it wont be affect by anti rush

  4. cmon like i said before, 2-4 players using it are just nightmare

  5. ya the laggy problems bc the sound and the projectiles it made is so horrifying that i have to talk about it twice

so far death sickle is the answer for anyone who want close range weapon that could block someone way unlike shroomspear and ice sickle that its stay longer pls nerf they are same threaten level as jungle enemies in survival


If you use Tabi, it’s dash, wisely, then you can dodge it

If you’re having problems against Death Sickle spam, then you must be mainly a close range type. Adjust and use weapons that you can use from afar without risking contact with Death Sickle. Like Heat Ray for mage, ehhh Daybreak for melee or Paladins hammer if you have enough melee speed. Melee speed increases Phammers range

If you’re still having problems with that, well… Skill Issue

I think you’re a Tblade enthusiast, I saw you a number of times in pvp, of course you’d have prob against death sickle spam kwek


thanks for the tip and also dont use tabi use crystal assasin for iframe dash

but my main problems isnt just me being a absolute skillissue but the fact that the death sickle population are too many

and the SOUND with the projectiles causes everyone to get delay not just lag and why do we need 2 sickles that work the same (except the death one projectiles last longer)?
isnt ice sickle is more smooth to use and dont causes much lag and delay as death sickle does?

yet i dont think death sickle should really be in pvp bc the downside it have could affect everyone in server and if you wanna say you havent encounter with delay that i mention then imagine phew players using 3 diff type of power glove and start swinging it like crazy


Well there’s your answer, no

Unless you provide a better reason, Death Sickle remains


noooooo my essay is wrong nooooo
just kidding, but i mention abt its delay everyone in pvp dimension like sometimes you may get tp around the map due to theres too much stuff to load from it loud sound to projectiles details for sures theres many weapons could causes the same things like when you spamming ice flower but death sickle do lagging out some people in pvp dimension, unlike some projectiles such as terrablade or north pole(both of these weapon do have projectiles that could lagging out game but they could be dissappears faster) its stay for times and when using it too many times it could making people lagging

but why do we even need death sickle when is clumsy to use and making many people delay or teleport around beside ice sickle is more better bc its way more smooth to use plus ice sickle projectiles last shorter and doesnt delaying like death sickle

(sorry for mistaken in last post lol)


That’s not Death Sickle’s fault. That’s just the servers lag. Server is laggy

And North Pole is banned


and you should use the chlorophyte partisian instead because it is more dangerous than the death sickle and hits more often


north pole is ban? cap right there (not captain america)


Cap back at you

And anyhow that’s that. Nothing more to discuss about


oh yeah i almost forgot the ice sickle is alsomore dangerous than death sickle but no wall peirce




ya and also its way more smooth to use and doesnt clumsy plus we dont need a noisy black thing that delay other people overall i dont like death sickle bc close melee with a death sickle is death and lag


North Pole fires way too many projectiles which makes it really laggy and annoying to deal with
Scarab Bombs are banned because they’re bombs


you know i feel like this post has done and my conclusion is:

weapon sucks
anoying sound
projectiles delay
overshadowed by another same mechanic weapon that is way better and have more benefits (ice sickle)
clumsy weapon
only great when you have like 4 melee speed glove
too many way to counter
causes lag more than other weapon (bc it sound yes i have to mention this twice)
ya maybe its good when you close melee but other else are dumpster

overall i dont wanna see any more of this weapon exist on pvp since it only good for lagging people out and kill them

if you want to use this weapon this i think best option is using orc armor set for faster kill since it projectiles usually dont affected by anti rush and you should use fart in bottle to boots speed if you wanna spam it on your enemies

the only problem is that delay and lag, hope someone really realise on the negative side of it could affect other people

case close pls stop reply on this


also overshowed by chlorophyte partisian