davin max wasnt on buildmode

I was killing davianmax and he did not die when he was on 1 health so I shoot him for 5 mins while he is in pvp and and he stopped I shot him and he was taking damage and still didn’t die he went afk and the left after 5 mins

it happened around 17:45

i will investigate, have you got a screenshot

I will check

it is to bad to put on here
all you can see is me and a name and snowman cannon explosions

I can assure that I don’t hack, I live in an area where is a poor internet connection, so every now and then when I’m in game, everything just freezes and I get thrown away from the server because I lost connection. Sometimes my internet won’t work for days, or even weeks, so if I lag in the game, don’t be suprised.

i stole wapas pic

he was not hacking I remember killing him several times,although he is quite hard