Although I already mentioned this in the Clan Beta thread. The DarkPanel (DTP) is under development. But while I am doing so, I would like to know what “widgets” you want to be available on the dashboard. For example:

  • A shoutbox with customisable amount of shouts shown
  • Players on the Terraria server
  • Players online on the website

As you can see, I don’t have many ideas… so please help :slight_smile:

So as I was saying. The aim of the DarkPanel is for it to be fully customisable, through color, order and display (almost). The first use will be Clans which is under-development after the design is finished.

how about you make ranks? Ranks on the server

Yes, that is after Clans.

rofl dont forget my boost for knowing ahead

@MistMan - What?

Bug Fix
An issue was fixed with verifying your account regarding:

  • Trying to verify without Terraria on your steam account
  • Trying to verify without any games on your steam account or your profile being private
    Which caused people to see a blank DTP screen.

it tells me that i have already linked my account, yet im only “member” rank in game, not crew.

Mist wanted Helper rank like almost 2 moths ago

Design Update
Slow but steady progress. Just finishing off the top-bar and drop-down navigation design. After that is the Clan Page design and then finally the Clan functionality.

when will it be complete?

In a while. Haven’t done that much in terms of content : DarkPanel (Static Html page)

Clans will most likely be done next Weekend.

can you make players who are in clans like “crew”, as in can build and stuff, incase they get glitches like me where i didn’t get “crew” rank?

No. You need to be Crew to join a clan in the first place.

The server is now running Statistics. It might have bugs, but I can at least analyse what data is usable and whether or not its current state is viable for the DarkPanel’s Ranks.

A quick status update:
The statistics plugin, now running, will track: the amount of time spent on the server, the amount of kills, deaths, mobkills and bosskills. All those listed will be used in a currency of DarkPoints. The conversion of the data to points will vary based on your rank, type of kills. This means 1 mob kill != 1 boss kill, in terms of points. Of course, a boss kill takes longer and you will generally have less boss kills than mob kills.