Dark-Gaming Server 2?

I have been thinking, that everything is getting way to crowded in the server. That includes so many new members, plus so many creations they are building. I just thought that you should make a second server for dark-gaming, which some helpers will be on there(people that just got helper) and some more experienced ones on the main(that have been helper one than a week. Also some mods can drop by.

                                                                  I do not expect you to agree to this just think of it as an idea.
                                                                                    Thanks! Legoman

Good idea but I don’t believe anybody would be able to host it

Oh yeah. Couldn’t like butt or box host or something?

Doubt it, and I think everyone would just end up going onto one server. If it was equally divided I think it would be too empty.

ok maybe in the future if we get to many people on the server…

We have lots, it’s just that not all of them are on at the same time.

I know but once we get a lot of people on the server, then it wont be just 10 people on each hour, it will be 50 people on which will cause lag, a lot of spam, arguments, and a lot of questions helper wouldn’t be able to handle at the same time. Also there would so many buildings and more being built the world would be full.

yeah this server is quite crowded

the world is already almost full with buildings

DragonSlayer you are literally everywhere!!!

yup u literally say that every time i turn around.

Okay posts don’t matter so I ask you nicely to stop posting on old threads just for more posts on your record. thanks!

im not, pete is trying to post a lot cuz he thinks that then he’ll become a member(not new)

I didnt know this was an old thread

not really mar 10

I know but like ones that have slipped away already… sorry not tryin to be mean

it has?

ur not mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Lego is right, please leave all of the threads that are atleast 2 days old alone.


okay bro!