Dark Zerkians

Would anyone like to join my clan? :3
(Clan Color: Orange)
I would ask for builders to join this. I am going to make our Territory and “you know what” for our clan.

I might join since I don’t pvp.


But I will be helper rank lol

I might join if you change color to green

Lol. check if there aren’t any Red or Green colors in the Clan thread


I Edited
I Hope u like Red
(Going to make something)

can I join

i changed the name to Labyrinth of Zerkies is that fine?


then oke

OK I guess red isn’t that bad :smiley:

so u join?

no I am in a clan

yeah,I just figured out how cool intense flame dye looks:D

woot, that’s your ign “TheAliens”?

what do you mean by ign in-game name?