Dark World Terraria - Infestation

So I just thought I’d post a thread showing everyone how we’ve since infested the spawn area.

Original Spawn Area:

Infested Spawn Area:

Now the spawn isn’t so tiny! How much further will we spread? FURTHER, MUCH FURTHER! If you ever leave, at least come back just to see how the progress of spreading our infestation of titanstone is doing :stuck_out_tongue:




Hahaha. Spawn does look pretty nice. I just wish all the builds around it where somewhere else so it didn’t block the sky view and make things look so enclosed. :frowning:

Want to annoy rofl into him forcing us to shut up and fix spawn ‘3’

Lol. I was thinking that too. Maybe I should move the stuff near spawn because, quite frankly, they dont belong to anyone active anymore.

Agreed I can’t go on though but please do move it