Dark Gaming in 2024 & 2023

I think this would be that we were waiting for the next update to come out.
1.4.5 comes out like a snail. Then, it would take forever to optimize the server.
like bruh it took over a year for this server to be supported fully

In 2023, we were optimizing for a bunch of things, like Also many people in 2023 were getting banned for entering the server version.



The issues are the same as always

There are not enough developers (And as time passes, The ones that are have more responsabilities as well, And of course They are people like you or me, They have their lives, and have other stuff that they like other than a funny game lol)

May be also morally discouraging that just people says “When server updated” or other stuff lol

No one has entered to the development team as well (And also, Knowing enough about the game functioning, Mostly by itself, Since while Tshock is at least documented in the IDE and has some docs laying around on the internet, Terraria is not since, well, You can’t document source code of something that is protected cuz’ funny legal stuff)

Also Because is funny block game for children, Of course that a lot of people lacks knowledge of will to learn (or time) to learn coding (And very basic C#)

Or simply is not something of interest, Maybe you just wanna have a good time playing instead of involving directly

Also, Terraria source code is a mess
And lets not talk about networking (Which by itself is complicated, terraria one is a mess)

And thats not all, You also gotta learn about how works dimensions by itself (More networking ahhhh)

Re-logic doing the funny also and updating somewhat often (relative to the development team on DG) and breaking stuff

Terraria is 32-bit, Which means limited use of resources, And try to use them without reaching those limits

So in a nutshell

Either gotta wait time, Hope for a miracle in terraria netcode, Or do your best to go down the rabbit hole of Terraria and tshock (As monetary wise, There is a good amount of support to maintain the DG servers last time i checked)

Off topic , But also thats why i have terraria on both the PC and phone,

On PC i mostly play vanilla
On mobile i dont update unless the DG developers are gonna cease support for older versions, So this way i can play DG most of the time


Ok very much interesting to say.