Custom's Building Challenge

DISCLAIMER! This is completely owned and run by me, and is therefore not an official contest. It is by no means meant to represent the staff, or their decisions regarding events.

This is Custom’s Building Competition!

Rules for the Contest
This contest is run and judged by me. Each builder who participates will have their own space in which they must build something. The materials you use will be presented to you in a chest. If you use any other materials, you will be disqualified.

Example: CittyKat is presented with cobalt brick and silver brick as their materials. CittyKat decides to give themselves some ultrabright torches to light up their project. XxCustomVanitiesxX disqualifies CittyKat for using illegal materials.

Every contestant will have the exact same materials and spaces. There will be boundary walls in which you are not allowed to build outside of. If you destroy any of the walls, you will be disqualified. If you give someone permission to destroy the wall next to you, you shall be disqualified as well.

Example: CittyKat notices that PupyDogg has not used all of his space, and the space that is next to the wall separating them is completely empty. CittyKat asks PupyDogg if they can destroy the wall so that CittyKat will have more space to build. PupyDogg agrees, and CittyKat destroys the wall. XxCustomVanitiesxX disqualifies CittyKat for destroying the wall, and she also disqualifies PupyDogg for giving CittyKat permission to destroy the wall.

Each contestant will have to build something themselves. They are not allowed any outside help. That includes advice and being provided materials to build with. If you ask anyone for help, you will be disqualified. If anyone answers your pleads for help, they will be disqualified too.

Example: PupyDogg asks CittyKat what kind of blocks in his materials chest he should use. CittyKat tells them that gold brick might look nice. XxCustomVanitiesxX disqualifies PupyDogg for asking for outside help, as well as disqualifying CittyKat for helping PupyDogg.

There are some things that, if you do them, you will be disqualified for. They may not be listed here in the rules, however they are fairly obvious and unless you can provide a valid reason for it, you will be disqualified. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, and claiming you did not know, or you misunderstood, will not relieve you of your disqualification.

The date of the contest is TBH. When a time is listed, keep in mind this will be US eastern time. Please tell me if I need to provide you with the time of the competition for your timezone.

How to Enter
To enter, please comment down below. It would be nice if you would also list your IG name somewhere in the contest. Afterward, you must pay the entry fee (see below) and post on my wall when the money has been transferred. After that, you will be entered into the contest.

Entry Fee
There is an entry fee for the contest. Since this is not official, and I am not provided materials, I have to use my own resources. Therefore, I need something to compensate for the money I’m spending in the making of this contest. You must pay 500 DP in order to enter the contest.

There are prizes for the competition. Whether you win or lose, your building will always be there in the competition room, for everyone to see. If you win, you will get prizes, that mainly consists of DP.

1st Place: “Swaggy Builder” Title. (If you do not want the title, it sells for about 3,000 DP.)
2nd Place: 2,000 DP.
3rd Place: 1,000 DP.
4th Place: 500 DP.
5th Place: 250 DP.
6th Place or Lower: The satisfaction that people can see your work. :wink:

Thank your for considering entering the contest. Have a nice day!