Custom Mob Waves Stage 2

Just reposted stage 1 because it already was edited for the collective input. If anyone has any more suggestions, tell them now. This setup is good enough to be added in my opinion.

Map Submission

For the map submission, you will need to list the mobs, the amount of certain mobs, and any modifications that have to do with mobs in the class breakdown.

The mobs will also need to be checked by the zombies manager who is handling the map.

Mobs & Waves

Precursors And Notes

  • Firstly and most obviously, the map will have to be completed (and by that I mean in the zombies dimension).
  • Secondly, you’ll have to select the arena normally for the commands.
  • Thirdly, no mobs at all will just make the map have normal mob spawning.


Collections are collections of mobs that spawn. The default collection is the normal collection that is used in zombies right now. You will be able to use the default collections, use other map’s collections, or make your own collections. This applies to events collections too. Every map will need the default collection, one christmas collection, and one halloween collection. You can also make extra collections if you want events like valentine’s or easter. You will have to specify the exact date the event collections you make will use.


Waves work in numbered ways, which means that they are numbered and the wave numbered 1 spawns first, 2 spawns second, 3 spawns third, and so on. A single mob put into a wave (for example a big pincushion zombie) will duplicate itself for the mob spawns. Multiple mobs of a single type will duplicate themselves for every mob spawn (for example with four spawns in a map and a mob type having the amount of two, eight of the mob type will spawn.) Multiple mobs of multiple types will be duplicated for every mob spawn as so. The highest number of waves will be defined by the player.

Command List

To shorten the cmds (I know how annoying it can be), there will be three types of arguments based on the Gun Game Stage One.

  • Arguments in [] are needed.
  • Arguments in () are optional.
  • Arguments in {} are repeatable.


  • If a collection does not exist it will give error “Collection does not exist”.

Using Other Collections :
Replaces the current collection with a collection of another map or the default collection.
/zcoll use [map name/default] (event)

Making A New Collection :
Creates a new collection that will use the map’s name. Will auto be selected to modify.
/zcoll new ([event] [start month] [start day] [end month] [end day]
The timezone will be in UTC and each month is the first three letters of it.

Selecting Collections :
Selects the default collection or any event collections the map has defined.
/zcoll select (event)

Editing Collections :
Edits the selected collection.
/zcoll edit [type] [value] [value 2]
Types are :

  • Day Start (0)
  • Day End (1)

Deleting Collections
Deletes the selected collection.
/zcoll delete

Rounds And Waves

  • If waves do not exist it gives error “Wave does not exist”.

Selecting Rounds :
Selects the round which the commands will be run into.
/selectround [round number]

Adding Waves :
Sets waves in a round. Each wave = or < than the number will be waves.
/zwave [number of waves wanted in the round]

Clearing Mobs
Deletes all the mobs of a round.
Deletes the contents of a wave in the round.
/clearwave [wave number]

Listing Content :
Lists all the mobs in a wave and the amount of the mobs.
/zwave list [wave number]
The output lists in this format:

Wave [number]
[Mob ID] - [Mob Name] ([Amount of Mobs]) | [Any Modifications]

Here is an example of what the output will look like :

Wave 7, Round 12
268 - Ichor Sticker (5) | Damage : 100 | HP : 300 | Secondary
80 - Light Mummy (7) | HP : 350 
657 - Queen Slime (1) | Score (Decreasing) 195000 
564 - Dark Mage (5) | Secondary
479 - Baby Mothron (2) | HP : 400 | Score (Constant) 12500
476 - Jungle Mimic (1) | Secondary
475 - Hallowed Mimic (1) | Secondary
474 - Crimson Mimic (1) | Secondary
473 - Corrupt Mimic (1) | Secondary

If there are no mobs it gives error “Wave is empty.”


  • If mob does not exist, give error “Mob does not exist.”
  • If wave does not exist, give “Wave does not exist.”
  • Mobs also have mob entry IDs. When there are multiple of the same type of mob in a wave, the IDs will give you the ability to modify both individually. This is an optional part of the command just to help with multiples of fhe same mob and if left blank will select mob entry ID 1. The IDs for one new mob is defined by how many of the same mob are in the wave.

Adding Mobs :
Adds a mob/mobs to a wave.
/zmob add {[name of mob] {[wave number]} (amount)}
If the wave number = all, the mob gets added to every wave in the round. Can be modified and deleted as normal with wave number all.

Deleting Mobs :
Deletes a mob from a wave.
/zmob del [name of mob] {[wave number] (mob entry ID)}

Modifying Mobs :
Modifies a mob of a wave.
/zmob mod [name of mob] {[wave number] (mob entry ID) [modification type] [value]}
Mob stat modifications are :

  • Damage (0)
  • Health (1)

Adding Score Values :
Adds the amount of score given to the player when they defeat it. No score value will just give points every hit like normal.
/zmob mod {[name of mob] [wave number] (mob entry ID) 2 [value] [constant or decreasing]}
Score values can be constant, which means the score it gives when killed stays constant like with a brain suckler in normal rounds, or decreasing over time like with a boss.

Changing Type To Secondary
Another type of mob, the secondary mob is a mob that when spawned, which mobspawn it spawns at is random. With multiple secondary mobs, this process runs for every secondary mob to spawn and spreads them out.
/zmob mod {[name of mob] [wave number] (mob entry ID) 3}
Automatically makes a mob secondary type. It will spawn the number of times it was supposed to spawn on each mobspawn.

Replicating Mobs From Real Rounds

The map collection will be called examplemap.

10 Possessed Armors For Every Wave (Round 10 Waves)

/zcoll select examplemap
/selectround 10
/zwave [how many waves are in round 10 which I dont know]
/zmob add 140 all 10

Round 5 Boss (The Last Wave Of Round Five Which I’m Guessing Is 6)

/zcoll select examplemap
/selectround 5
/zwave 6
/zmob add 280 6 1
/zmob mod 280 6 1 1000
/zmob mod 280 6 2 15000 d

Three Wandering Eyes (Round 6, Wave 1)

/zcoll select examplemap
/selectround 6
/zwave 1
/zmob add 133 1 1
/zmob mod 133 1 3 3
/zmob mod 133 1 2 1000 c

Making A Collection For A Map

/zcoll new

Round 1

/selectround 1
/zwave 2
/zmob add -3 all 1
/zmob add 1 2 1

Round 2

/selectround 2
/zwave 3
/zmob add -3 all 2
/zmob add 1 all 1
/zmob add -5 all 1

Round 3

/selectround 3
/zwave 4
/zmob add -36 all 4
/zmob add 2 all 2
/zmob mod 2 all 3
/zmob mod 39 all 3
/zmob add -39 all 2
/zmob add -31 4 1
/zmob add -33 4 1
/zmob add -35 4 1
/zmob mod -31 4 3
/zmob mod -33 4 3
/zmob mod -35 4 3
/zmob mod -31 4 2 500 constant
/zmob mod -33 4 2 500 constant
/zmob mod -35 4 2 500 constant

Round 4

/selectround 4
/zwave 5
/zmob add 144 1 2 4
/zmob add 145 2 3
/zmob add 143 2 3
/zmob mod 143 2 3
/zmob mod 145 2 3
/zmob mod 145 2 2 200 c
/zmob mod 143 2 2 200 c

Round 5

/selectround 5
/zwave 6

Round 6

/selectround 6
/zwave 7

Round 7

/selectround 7
/zwave 8

Round 8

/selectround 8
/zwave 8

Round 9

/selectround 9
/zwave 8

Round 10

/selectround 10
/zwave 8

Round 11

/selectround 11
/zwave 8

Round 12

/selectround 12
/zwave 9

Round 13

/selectround 13
/zwave 9

Round 14

/selectround 14
/zwave 9

Round 15

/selectround 15
/zwave 9

Round 16

/selectround 16
/zwave 9

Round 17

/selectround 17
/zwave 9

Round 18

/selectround 18
/zwave 9

Round 19

/selectround 19
/zwave 9

Round 20

/selectround 20
/zwave 10

What About Infinite Rounds?

The last round will be repeated.