Custom banner like status for gamemodes

This is gonna be beneficial for mobile/ipad users.
So like instead of making time consuming type commands to see scores you got, what kind of sentry are you on and how long the duration until you can use the shaman ability again. I suggest the Good Devs and Mods to add a non buff stat like banners as a status checker where you can see everything scores, ability, etc. because this is gonna be a great game changer in many mobile players to keep up with pc players who can see their scores easily. Please notice!

Buff text is read from texture packs,(In case of Mobile edition, is HardCoded ; Aka: only can be changed via modified client)

In a nutshell, It can’t be chaged server side,

The only ways to show text is either via text chat, On the lateral bar (Which is only visible on PC) and in form of temporal messages on screen (Like the numbers when taking damage/Heal or When the game show your score)

Which as you have seen, Yeah… not looking good aside from commands


^ that is correct, you physically cant do a lot of stuff in terraria from server side


That hurts. But Thank you for the info