CTG Matches

Hello, to anyone who is reading this. I have considered the idea of periodically hosting games of Capture the Gem. I would simply like some feedback as to who would be interested in participating in such events.

For those of you who do not know what CTG is, it is an unofficial game mode in Terraria, comparable to Capture the Flag. Everyone that joins the game must have a new mediumcore character, and pvp will be forced the entire duration of the game. There are two teams, red and blue. Each team’s eventual goal is to capture the gem in the other team’s chest. Each team has a spawn area, which, of course, they spawn at if killed. There are two phases in the game, the preparation phase, and the attack phase. The preparation phase will typically last for 15 minutes (although this could possibly vary from game to game). During this time, teams cannot cross the border onto the other team’s side (the border will be clearly marked). Each team must gather supplies in order to attack once the preparation phase is over. After the 15 minutes (or however long the phase lasts) are up, teams may cross borders and attack each other. At this point, the simple goal is to capture the gem in the other team’s chest and return it to your chest. The team that controls both gems wins the game.


Either Phase

Mediumcore characters only
No moving, destroying, or in any way manipulating the spawn of either team
No using any npcs in order to obtain items

Preparation Phase

No crossing borders
No attacking one another from across borders

Attack Phase

No enclosing your chest in blocks in order to make it difficult for the opposing team to access your chest
No opening your chest in order to prevent an opposing player from accessing it
No modifying any tiles near anyone’s base in order to block a player on the other team from entering or exiting
No tunneling underground if you have the gem (Only if you have the gem)

Banned Items

Magic Mirror (So no one can grab the gem and teleport home)
Explosives (Overpowered in PvP, and can be used to obtain indestructible blocks)
Invisibility Potion (Obviously unfair in PvP…)
Gravitation Potion (Again, can be abused in PvP)
Bed (No changing your spawn)

Those are the basics of the game. However, at least six people, three on each team, are needed in order to play a fair game. So without at least six, the whole idea of CTG matches won’t really work. Please leave your feedback letting me know how many people would be interested in joining CTG matches if I were to host them periodically. Thanks!

If anyone is interested in this, also join this steam group so you wil be notified when a match is starting.
Whoa, here’s the Steam Group! You should definitely click here if you’re interested in playing CTG. If not, then I am not quite sure why you read this far into the post. So if you did make it this far, I would highly recommend moving your mouse cursor somewhere on this shiny blue text and left clicking.


Sounds fun, I’ll take part in helping or participating

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[quote=tvolk131]No modifying any tiles near anyone’s base in order to block a player on the other team from entering or exiting [/quote]The whole fun for me is in preparing defences. If I cannot bunker the base then it becomes a less tactical game.

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Sorry, perhaps I should clarify. I am referring more to just surrounding a base with dirt or something to prevent one from entering or exiting. If each team just blockades each other, then nothing will ever get accomplished. Simple defenses are fine, but spamming blocks to protect your base is more what I was going for there.

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Ok. Well my preferred defences are sky bridges and ditches. Block spamming is just a time consumer to create an attrition on each others base. But I also create narrow pathways into the entrances using dirt. Would you consider spamming dirt to prevent a Gem holder from returning against the rules? And by that I mean placing dirt in the path of the returning gem holder to slow them down and also to create a counter attack.

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No, I would not. Someone that has the gem can still attack you, so if you are placing blocks, they have the ability to hurt you. Also, an entire team can likely back up a player that captures the gem, so I would rule this as completely fair.

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Since I never participated in any event in this server, and Christmas holidays are coming next week in my school, I’d like to participate.

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To those who responded above this post here, check the bottom of the original post for the update.

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^^ thats guy is lame

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D: Not yolo.

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