Cryptic Castle walkthrough (almost)

This is my playthrough, hope this help everyone else.

  1. Choose warrior class.

  2. Get akhalis then starlight on the right weapon chest in castle.

  3. Use starlight to Farming and get yourself to 1000 hp at hp chest upper left side of the map. Not to die by lag enemy or something like that

  4. Buy crimson armor on underground and sandstorm bottle. This help you evade shock dmg from enemy round 8+

  5. If your teamate strong enough to wipe out map, you can free farm but if not then you should get more dmg by getting 3 warrior emblem on the top of castle, buff item in yellow chest inside castle. If still get left weapon chest inside the castle.

  6. at wave 12 there is captain pirate, he have a chain gun and you would never want to stand on floor like a target for him.

  7. Get to 3000 hp at wave 10+ with this and crimson armor it really hard to die exept if you want to.

  8. It time you feel like you farm enough, then get Zenith from left weapon chest and wipe out all enemy. My playthrough stop 2 times right after i got the Zenith due to disconnection at Round 16

Painful… i got Zenith, milky weaver and diablo is nothing, but lag and disconnection is a thing i fear.
I played on mobile.


Wow very cool walkthrough on the map where you can pick summoner and win solo on hardcore. I’ve never liked the map because it is always picked by little troglobites who only like it due to how easy it is. One of the early summons is even bugged and can deal insane dps until even moonlord.


Personally, I dislike the map because of how long it takes.
I do agree that it is slightly too easy though, and how easy a map is should not be what determines if it’s picked. The determining factor, in my opinion, should be how much fun you have on the map.
Fun is a blend of difficulty and how possible to do it is, so a super easy map isn’t very fun, and a super difficult map isn’t very fun.
At the same time, a medium-difficulty map would only be fun if you are able to get good items fast enough.


And they still somehow mess it up.

They don’t know that they’re supposed to stick to the summon that has these knives of your head, as their attack speed is insanely fast. They also get to stardust armor as soon as possible, instead of waiting.

The map favors summoner too much, too. There’s only one buff station, ranger doesn’t have the phantasm, melee weapons suck and overall, the map is there as a sandbox, at this point, rather than to obtain skill.