Cryptic Castle - Update 1

There have been a series of changes since December 3rd, and I felt like it would be beneficial to share it (so people will start using mage).

Royal Enchanter

Weapon Chest One

  • Added a super weapon (sky fracture), which instead of doing 1k damage, does 10k and shoots 10 projectiles. (You may think this is strong but trust me, it’s not.)
  • Replaced clinger staff with sky fracture.
  • Swapped shadowbeam staff and inferno fork.
  • Increased damage of wand of sparking, thunder zapper, flower of fire, poison staff, shadowbeam staff, and inferno fork.
  • Decreased damage of normal sky fracture.

Weapon Chest Three

  • Increased cost of razorblade typhoon to 80000.

Weapon Chest Four

  • Added mage’s own farm weapon.

Armor Chest

  • Decreased cost of wood armor to 125.
  • Decreased cost of gladiator armor to 650.
  • Decreased cost of pumpkin armor to 800.
  • Decreased cost of tungsten armor to 1250.
  • Decreased cost of platinum armor to 1750.
  • Decreased cost of jungle armor to 2175.
  • Decreased cost of meteor armor to 3500.

Mana Chest

Made mana (20) cost 1000.

Gunning Soldier

  • Replaced rocket IV with rocket I for the proximity mine launcher.

Caller of the Castle

  • Swapped morning star and kaleidoscope.
  • Nerfed sanguine staff.
  • Made mana cost 0.

Nyes on this subject, I went into a custom gamemode and went to a mage to see what I could do. I had the God ability for help. Theres an issue with the Nebula Armor and full mana. If you get full mana and the Nebula Armor and attempt to attack, you get stoned instantly. On this subject, mages run out of mana very quickly and its hard to regen that because you have to move in order to not get hit. One suggestion on this would be to give a stater mage a band of starpower to attempt to fight. Me and yems both agreed that mages run out of mana too fast and can’t regen it fast enough to keep fighting. Ill be doing more tests in the future so I can give helpful suggestions!


It’s only with full mana which is a problem. There’s also a problem with super fracture, where it stones you every time you use it.


This is true… But still! Ill figure out a way to help make the mage class a viable class to use! And the yoyo class, too!


THIS IS TRUE it happened to me once.