Cryptic Castle Details

Cryptic Castle is a map with a lot of content, so in order to list the rest of it without taking up too much space in the Zombies Map Overview, I made this post.

Cryptic Castle

To most new players to zombies, Cryptic Castle is probably a boring annoying map with many mob spawns that are designed to make zombies uninteresting. However, this is wrong. Cryptic Castle is a map with lots of content (not just content in items).

In order for Cryptic to actually get exciting, it requires 5+ players. Mobs will get killed faster and rounds will go quickly. Players will have to never delay the round or other players will get bored and probably leave the game.

Cryptic, like other maps, has intensity levels which shows how intense the game is. The intensity begins at round three, staying at level one until the end. By the end of round three, people will have the score to get more powerful weapons, helping the game transition to round four. Eventually the intensity rises again at mid-round four, and people start to get really powerful weapons compared to the tier they are at. By round five, weapons that shoot projectiles and the pogo stick start to make the game’s intensity get higher constantly.
By round seven, people are welcome to spore zombies, which have more health. Average number of hits rise on mobs, more points get shuffled around, and more op content including high tier armor, mounts, and movement are present. As the spore zombies rounds go by, the lobbies points spent get higher than 600,000, and most new items are in the hundreds in terms of cost. It is at round ten when people get OP weapons, accessories, armor, and buffs and are ready to fight a whole new level of mobs.
Round 11, martians and snipers are fought. The intensity rises a bit but then stays constant the rest of the round. When round 12 comes by, sandstorms come in. The intensity starts curve upwards and the pirate captains and sandstorms require more strategy. By this level, people have second to last tier weapons and need to pile up enough score to unlock op weapons. Throughout the rounds, various mobs give that score and eventually enough money is raised to give the last tier items, 1000 damage weapons. The intensity skyrockets and eventually moon lord comes as the final boss. If it gets defeated, Cryptic Castle is basically completed.

During the demonic conquest, many terrarians fought back against the demons. Callers, Soldiers, Warriors, Enchanters, and Weird Yoyo Dudes would use their weapons to fight against the demons’ unleash and the curse the demons brought with them. But the force was too strong, many perished. An Enchanter, Gibby, saw that the zombies would be destroyed in the future. This caused the masters to store all their weapons randomly around the world, and only the people who were strong enough could get these weapons. The force then got almost completely demolished, and the curse acted upon them to turn them into mindless robots that would kill for blood.


Nice lore actually. Can’t believe the famous Gibby from iCarly as well was part of it, excellent

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What is iCarly

Oh yeah also I just made up the name Gibby

Oh yeah also there is 20x more lore than this

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