Critical Bug Report! (Zombies)

This image is self-explanatory…

Sorry for graphic errors on the photo, but it really happened. :neutral_face:

Server unfortunately gave us items of our characters, which of course should’nt happen.

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Can you explain more about what happened leading up to and during this? And also what time it happened.

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Happened around 8 minutes ago.

we were playing zombies as usual, and suddenly this occured.

We just reached wave 15, and no damage to my character file.

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So when you reached wave 15, what happened? Your normal character was loaded?

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Game ended on wave 15 on standard rules (everyone is dead) and character items were back
(Solar armor, zenith etc.)

after loading new arena everything looked fine

probably its a rare bug, but its game-breaking one

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Still don’t understand. You got your items after the match ended? So during intermission? How’s it gamebreaking?

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I’ll try point by point:

  • [intermission] seems normal
  • [game] some players (including me) kept their avatar items (zeniths, stardust equipment)

game lasted 15 waves and its game breaking because of unfair equipment, which practically means that we are dealing enormous damage (if i scaled this too much, then sorry i just love the feeling of progression in this mode)

  • [still game] experiments - bought some items and changed the armor
  • [intermission] bought items disappear and avatar equipment returns

I hope this is detailed enough…

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Right, so when it put you into the match after intermission, it didn’t reset your character? Did that happen to everyone?

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My character didn’t reset inventory. It happened to 3 other players. (10/12 players)

we started a match after “spawning…” countdown.

I don’t know is this is good moment, that i described…
it didn’t looked suspicious

Did anyone leave when the matching was starting / had just started/?

I think not, some people after half a minute left because of OP characters.