CreepyPasta House clan!!!!!

Hello!!! I (WubbidyWubz) am proud to present… CreepyPasta house clan!!! The way to join is reply to this thread saying if you want to join, why you want to join and What creepypasta you want to be and I will tell you if it is occupied or not :3 Rules: 1. You have to make a new account with a creepy pasta name! 2. You have to make your character look like said creepy pasta! 3. dont greif creepy pasta house! and 4. Ask for permission to build in creepy pasta house (if your crew and up) Thanks for reading! I hope for loads of people wanting to join!!! Bye!!!1

EDIT: closed now this clan died

sup wubz! it is me ben!

sup wubz! it is me ben!




join my clan if u want

Hello can i be Jeff the killer please. I want to join because well I like joining things!

ok i am sonic.exe be jeff if u want


as a Zerkies member and king of light and dark i may give you this

A Gem Of Creepypasta and Dark Souls


Hey man its me Eonzz, i guess ill be Slendy. Slenderman ^^

someone is slendy :stuck_out_tongue: be someone else

Uh who is there be .-.? Who else is left >:U

Also, you asked to be in Rainbow Legion. You want to leave?

No i didnt .-.

dont argue on my clan pls take it outside

Not you… Wubbidy.

ik just take it away from here

Who can i be >_>

ill give the list u cant be You cant be Jeff the killer BenDrowned sonic.exe and slenderman pick any other creepypasta and reply :3