So I was talking about Credits in one of the last overhaul update threads. What’s going to happen in the next Credit Update is simple. Right now we have a craft page. Simple enough. It looks very basic but it is essentially a way to pick items out of the system without needing to filter through endless shop inventories.

So I thought maybe it should be overhauled. Right now, what functions (or did) is crafting a Title/Tag, DP and Upgrade Points. For the overhauled version, the options will be expanded upon. Each individual R11 Cmd Item will be 2 Credits, with a group of 3 being 5 Credits. So it will be possible for anyone to get all of them. Further, XP and DP Boost will be available; these are not a direct way to gain XP or DP but act as multipliers; in the case of XP it will be a direct multiplier on XP gained, for DP the multiplier will affect selling and DP gained from indirect selling.

I would put more things here, however I want to see what other people think should be available for Credits, especially those who purchased them. Tell me what you want to see as an option and you just might.

Bring back XP and Credits for voting :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a good idea - R11 commands for credits.

Not credits.

Even little amount like 0.05?

What about the access to the Portal Gun?

Credits now are for people who contribute to the server.

Contribute as in talk and help other people, or like A68 and others who built spawn and whatnot? People who have been playing 6+ months and have crew or new people who have crew?

But what about access to the Portal Gun?