Credits Giveaway- Fan of the Server?

Hello all.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I don’t get on the server too often nowadays, I’m simply too busy. However, I still view this server as an amazing place which should keep running, hence my latest donation.

Now that I’ve said that, I just gained 50 more credits. Which I really, to be frank, don’t need. I don’t want these to rot, however, so I want to give them away- but not to just anybody. These credits will be given to those who show their appreciation for the server by putting some time in creating something about it.

Drawings, in-game screenshots, short stories- anything you think of that shows your appreciation for the server can be submitted here. I will review them and give you the credits I think the work deserved (based on my own personal opinions- this is not a server-hosted event, but personal. Please don’t argue with my decision or I may revoke any reward I had been giving you.). This is not solely based upon the ‘quality’ of the work, but the amount of time and effort I feel you put into it.

People can win up to 5 credits per entry, with a maximum of 5 credits per person (any amount of entries)- if this is popular enough, I may replenish my token count once more and open this up, but let’s take care of these 50 for now and see how it goes.

Good luck, fellow Dark-Gamers. I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.



hi lil I would like to enter w/ a poem is that ok???


A story of how I got here on this server:

I was on, watching someone play Minecraft when he started a Terraria giveaway, like a raffle (I think), where only one gets the game. I think I was supposed to have attended the stream when he announced the winners (I couldn’t) but I won anyways. I was ecstatic! I at once linked the Steam Key to my Steam account (even at school), and when I got home I booted the PC and got the game running. I didn’t even bother to read anything about it. So I made the character, made a world, and was literally stuck. I had no idea what to do, I (for some reason) didn’t even swing the axe at the trees, thinking they were scenery, and just stayed atop the roof of a tunnel (spawned there by luck) along with, was it John? I don’t remember too well. After a lot of time doing nothing, I got some research going, and made myself a new world, with a good idea of what I’m going to do. I played the world, I got to the point where I go deep into caves but still get OPed by falling boulders, and I was getting (literally) sick (ok, not exactly literally, more like figuratively) of playing singleplayer (I didn’t really find myself getting anywhere), so I went to the steam community to find servers. Took a little while (I hadn’t heard of, but I came across one of little popularity and importance, completely obsessed with bosses, and the little me didn’t really get far, but I did get a Terra Blade from there, so that made my singleplayer world much easier. Eventually I grew tired of that too, so I looked for another server (the first didn’t fancy me). After another while, I got the IP of another server (Dark-Gaming, just for you to know now, it was the end of August 2014, I think) which looked very orderly, but I didn’t do much more than register because I had already capped my internet plan (I was still an active Twitch viewer then). After the end of the month, I got back in. I had no idea where anything was, never heard of half of the commands I use regularly now, I just tried to solve the authentic puzzle that was the spawn and the Free Build area. I found the item chest room, found lots of weapons and tools I’d use in SP (until I grew tired of cheating my old worlds and I’d make a new char and world (by coincidence (I think), every one of my 3 worlds has Crimson and Snow environments)) and found the stuff with which you use Clentaminators. I couldn’t find the clentaminator, so I asked in the chat. The answer (“do /i clentaminator” ) came with a command I would forever use and never forget. I looked for free space in the free build, found some at the top of the world near some 2 guys who seemed to be entertained doing nothing except killing Wyverns. I made some sort of apartment up there, one of the guys was the first guest. I would invite random people who appeared, and they included Pun and Ultimate (as far as I remember). Time passed, I was bored looking at the chat when someone mentioned “”. I was at spawn, and there was a warp to a Crew-only gauntlet. I went to and made my Crew account, but hadn’t realised warps would warp you when you stand at a particular place, not when you read the sign above, thus the reason for my first thread (here). I do stuff, I complete the magic missile maze, I would apply for helper, I get my inv upgrade, the world would reset, and now I’m trying to keep myself connected to this server while my never-stopping interests try to push me along and academic and personal matters try to pull me away (i.e.: now).

I hope you enjoyed (possibly) my longest post (that isn’t complete jibberish (here)), and that Lilian appreciates this.
Thank you. Yet another easter egg

---------------The posts were merging, so I’m separating them like this. They are both separate submissions.---------------

Some ASCII art I made based on what I learned in 2013. It would be wonderful if I could modify the line spacing and typeface of the text, but this will have to do. (Learn: TrueType typefaces are pretty tough enemies of ASCII artists, which is why you will usually see such art use Lucida Console, or the like)

_|____ ____ _____ ___ ______ __
| |/_.\ | '| | '| /_[/color][color=#fff]..[/color][color=#000]| | '__|[/color][color=#fff]..[/color][color=#000](_)[/color][color=#fff]..[/color][color=#000]/[/color][color=#fff]..[/color][color=#000]_|
| ||__/ | || || (_|| | || | | (_||
|_|___||_||_|___,| |||_|.___,_|


That’s fine, andy! Anything is allowed.

Astro, thanks for the submission! I can tell you took a lot of time to make this, and I think that I’ll give you 3.00 credits.

Simply because art is more ‘noticeable’ by people, I will rate artworks higher than text. You can still submit text and art- if you have both you can get up to 7.50 Credits (a new rule)


In case you got confused (inferring from what I understood on what you said),[quote=Lilian]You can still submit text and art[/quote]
by “End of submission” I was just trying to separate the posts. I reworded it now, just for future convenience.


As some of you may know, I made this in Minecraft PE. Before I got PC Terraria I would play Mobile Terraria, and this is what my character looks like on Mobile.

Also, I would like to submit a little story on one particular reason why I love Dark Gaming. (Its in 3rd person, this is a different entry.)

XxCustomVanitiesxX was finally done. Her batmobile was completed. Next to it was a sign explaining what it was. She wanted to make sure her building was protected, so she used /protect. The chat explained to her that the building was already protected. “Good,” she thought as she invited a bunch of other players to come see her awesome building. No one said anything. She was about to ask if anyone liked it, but her typing was stopped by someone using shroomite claws to rip through her creation. She yelled IRL, "Noo!’, quickly typing a call for help IG. However, there were no staff members online. Infuriated and frustrated, she went back to work on building the car again. After she had finished, she asked in the chat if there were any staff members online. There was one, and she told the staff member what had happened. The staff “protected” her house, and XxCustomVanitiesxX went on to go build another house. The next day, when she entered the server again, she went back to the building she had left off on. Again yelling at her screen, she saw that one again, her building had been griefed. She decided it was time to teach these staff members a lesson. She went and created another character, and set up the fastest mining speed in the game. She tore through all of the houses in the buildzone. It was easy. And she decided, after being banned, this was not a server she wanted to be part of.

This is NOT the story of Dark Gaming.

Dark Gaming allowed her to build without having to worry about griefers. Dark Gaming allowed her to be able to contact staff whenever she needed one. Dark Gaming allowed her to build her houses without any problems.

This story is of another server, which shall remain nameless. And she’s glad this is not Dark Gaming’s story.


Nice submission, Custom! I know how long Minecraft art can take. I’ll give you 5.00 Credits.




Submissions from here on out most /solely/ be about Dark-Gaming. Simply Terraria art will not be accepted- at the VERY least, it will be given far less reward.


Well, I just made something that I like to call “The Shield of Dark Gaming”. Here is a picture:

And since you can’t see the whole thing, here it is on a map:


Impressive! I’ll give you the last 2.50 Credits you can win from this, but keep on making stuff if ya want~


Good job fellow gamers


I decided to build a Dark Gaming logo to show my appreciation and love of the server.

This server is the best one I have ever joined, it is very fun to play in.
I have joined other servers but none of them have the same feel to it.
Building here is great, you get plenty of space to build a nice house.
The thing I love most about this server is PVP-ing, the arena is the best and there a a lot of
good PVPers so its more challenging and also a good time PVP-ing.

Long Live Dark Gaming! :slight_smile:


Awesome work, mate. That deserves 5.00 credits, I think.


Man my DG shield can’t hold up to that awesomeness! Good job!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Nice Artwork @XxCustomVanitiesxX and @TheAwesomeAlien24!


Le logo

And a house/mansion I made in PE Terraria :smiley:


As always! <3 DG!


Coolio! :smiley:


That’s worthy of 4.00 in my books. Good job, Phantom!