Complete PvP Armor Tier-list [Q2 2021]

This guide was made to compile armor statics and showcases their utility.
If this wiki is outdated or missing info, let anyone that can edit other posts know so they can update it.


A letter grade will designate rating:

Letter Rank Description
S Perfect
A Great
B Fine
C Bad
D Very Bad
F Garbage

Armor Sets

A Crimson Armor

Glass Cannon | All Damage | Healing


This is the new general armor to use, obviously hybrid kits will outdo this in damage and defense, but you’d need the knowledge on what armor pieces to use.

Name Sprite Damage (All) Defense
Crimson Helmet 12% 18
Crimson Breastplate 12% 22
Crimson Leggings 12% 20
Total 36% 60

Set Bonus Ability:

  • Greatly increased HP Regen when standing still

A- Beetle Armor

Tank | Melee Damage


Good for tanking a couple of hits, it’s bad against weapons like heat ray that can just poke the beetles out, I suggest you play behind cover with this armor to get the most value out of it.

Name Sprite Damage (Melee) Defense Melee Speed
Beetle Helmet 6% 23
Beetle Shell 5% 32
Beetle Scale Mail 16% 26 6%
Beetle Leggings 18 6%
Total (with Shell) 11% 73 6%
Total (with Scale Mail) 67 22% 12%

Set Bonus Ability:

Beetle Endurance (with Shell)

  • Beetles protect you from damage
Stage Damage Reduction
1 33%
2 66%
3 99%

Beetle Might (with Scale Mail)

  • Does not work in PvP

A- Solar Flare Armor

Mix | Melee Speed


1-12 damage less than Crimson Armor, but overall more defense, so if you’re looking for an armor set that has defense and good melee damage/speed, here you go.

Name Sprite Damage (Melee) Defense Melee Speed Regeneration Base Damage Reduction
Solar Flare Helmet 10% 26 1 HP/s
Solar Flare Breastplate 20% 26 1 HP/s
Solar Flare Leggings 20 15% 1 HP/s
Total 30% 72 15% 3 HP/s 12%

Set Bonus Ability:

Solar Blaze

  • Allows the player to dash once per second
  • Does not grant damage reduction

B+ (Ancient) Hallowed Armor

Evasion | Damage

94x46 129x48

Good at evading a few hits, it has decent damage to keep itself up and pretty good defense as well.

Name Sprites Damage Defense Melee Speed Mana
(Ancient) Hallowed Mask 10% (Melee) 20 10%
(Ancient) Hallowed Helmet 12% (Ranged) 16
(Ancient) Hallowed Headgear 12% (Magic) 13 100
(Ancient) Hallowed Hood 10% (Summon) 12
(Ancient) Hallowed Plate Mail 8% (All) 33
(Ancient) Hallowed Greaves 8% (All) 22
Total (with Mask) 16% (All) and 10% (Melee) 75 10%
Total (with Helmet) 16% (All) and 12% (Ranged) 71
Total (with Headgear) 16% (All) and 12% (Magic) 68 100
Total (with Hood) 16% (All) and 10% (Summon) 67

Set Bonus Ability:

Holy Protection

  • Allow the player to dodge the next attack dealt to them
  • Has a cooldown of 30 seconds

B- Nebula Armor

Mana Usage | Mana

If you want more defense rather than damage, this is your armor. Although I’m pretty sure you could find a hybrid kit that has more defense and damage.

Name Sprite Damage (Magic) Defense Mana Mana Usage
Nebula Helmet 12% 24 60 -15%
Nebula Breasplate 12% 24
Nebula Leggings 12% 20
Total 36% 68 60 -15%

Set Bonus Ability:

  • Does not work in PvP

B- Red Riding Armor

Ranged Damage


General ranged armor, hybrid kits can outdo the damage on this but I’m unsure on the defense.

Name Sprite Damage (Ranged) Defense Ammo Usage
Red Riding Hood 10% 22
Red Riding Dress 16% 24 -20%
Red Riding Leggings 10% 18
Total 36% 64 -20%

Set Bonus Ability:

  • None

B Dark Artist Armor

Magic Damage | Mana Usage


General heavy magic armor, hybrid kits can outdo the damage and defense (I think).

image image image
57 Defense
39% Magic

Bonus stats: -15% Mana usage

F Vortex Armor


Pretty much useless without the helmet, there are armor pieces that out perform this.

image image image
62 Defense (48 No helmet)
36% Ranged (20% No helmet)

Bonus stats: N/A (Invis + 80% Ranged /w helmet)

Valhalla Knight Armor [B-] [Healing/Defense]
image image image
81 Defense
20% Melee

Bonus stats: 4HP/s
Desc: Great defense alongside healing, decent melee damage - although other armors/hybrids will out-do the damage, it has a defense trade-off.

Shinobi Infiltrator Armor [C+] [Melee Speed]
image image image
66 Defense
26% Melee 26% Summon

Bonus stats: 20% Melee speed
Desc: This armor trades off some melee damage in return for melee speed, so if you’re looking for a range advantage in melee combat, here you go.

Spectre Armor [D] [Lifesteal/Trolling]
[Mask | Hood]
image image image image
[42 | 30] Defense
25% Magic

Bonus stats: 60 Mana^, -13% Mana usage^, Heal off of other players*
Desc: It is possible you can use this for other things besides trolling, such as poking people down will constantly backing up for positive healing (healing w/o taking damage), but that is risky and not really going to work all the time.

Chlorophyte Armor [C-] [Defense]
[Mask | Helmet | Headgear]
image image image image image
[74 | 69 | 71] Defense
11% All, [14% Melee | 15% Ranged | 15% Magic]

Bonus stats: Leaf that shoots at target once hit, -20% Ammo usage^
Desc: Good defense - very split damage - wouldn’t recommend.

Forbidden Armor [B+] [Magic & Summon Damage/Mana]
image image image
65 Defense
42% Magic, 42% Summon

Bonus stats: Sand Tornado (Dmg: ??), 80 Mana
Desc: Great magic damage and decent defense, tornado set bonus copies weapon damage (should). Also has great summon damage, Rainbow Crystal Staff would be good with this. Hybrid kits can be better with some of these armor pieces.

Frost Armor [B] [Mix/Melee Damage/Ranged Damage]
image image image
72 Defense
38% Melee 38% Ranged

Bonus stats: 10% Melee speed
Desc: Good defense, melee and ranged heavy so if you’re rocking a ranged kit/melee kit, then this is a good base to start from.

Crystal Assassin Armor [B] [Extra Acc/Free Dash]
image image image
66 Defense
21% All

Bonus stats: -10% Mana usage, -10% Ammo usage, 10% Melee speed
Desc: Free dash is always a plus, meaning you can run something like Destroyer Emblem or Class emblem(s) for extra damage to compensate for it’s lower damage increase.

Orichalcum Armor [B] [Double Damage]
[Mask | Helmet | Headgear]
image image image image image
[70 | 66 | 63] Defense
10% All, [8% Melee | 8% Ranged | 8% Magic]

Bonus stats: Fires petals at the location of someone being hit, copying the weapon damage.
Desc: Petal is fast but only really works good with heavy hitting weapons, like Flower pow, Daybreak, Sky Fracture, Sniper Rifle, etc. Good melee defense.

Palladium Armor [B] [Healing/Mix/Magic]
[Mask | Helmet | Headgear]
image image image image image
[70 | 67 | 65] Defense
14% All, [12% Melee | 9% Ranged | 34% Magic]

Bonus stats: 12% Melee speed#, 60 Mana*, Rapid healing when player has dealt damage.
Desc: Good stuff to use for hybrids. Good melee defense and magic damage. Extra healing is always a +1.

Mixed Armor

General Hybrid [B+]
image image image
Forbidden Mask: 20 Defense | 15% Magic & Summon

Solar Flare Breastplate: 26 Defense | 20% Melee | 1HP/s

Frost Leggings: 24 Defense | 14% Melee & Ranged

Total stats: 70 Defense | 14% Ranged, 34% Melee, 15% Magic & Summon, 1HP/s
Desc: This hybrid set gives a boost to all damage types, has health regen and has good defense - making it a general hybrid armor set.

Ranged Hybrid [A]
image image image
Chlorophyte Helmet: 15 Defense | 15% Ranged | -20% Ammo usage

Huntress’s Jerkin: 17 Defense | 20% Ranged & Summon

Frost Leggings: 24 Defense | 14% Ranged & Melee | 10% Melee speed

Total stats: 56 Defense | 49% Ranged, 14% Melee, 20% Summon, -20% Ammo usage, 10% Melee speed
Desc: Low defense but very high ranged damage, making this a great ranger damage hybrid set.

Mage Hybrid [A]
image image image
Forbidden Mask: 20 Defense | 15% Magic & Summon

Palladium Breastplate: 30 Defense | 10% All | 14% Magic

Dark Artist’s Leggings: 19 Defense | 13% Magic

Total stats: 69 Defense | 42% Magic, 15% Summon, 10% All
Desc: Very high magic damage, good defense and a little extra damage on summon and other types. Great magic hybrid.


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  2. Official Terraria Wiki.


I can’t wait until Blanc changes the value of all these.


Personally, I think Orichalcum should be buffed up to B+. The petal effect is pretty strong with high-damage weapons like Sniper Rifle or Phantom Phoenix (although they were both nerfed recently), and not many armors have higher defense (not including hybrid). I have ~90 defense, I think, with buffs and such. In my experience it is extremely helpful, even though it may not be as good as Beetle or Crimson.

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They’re based off of their stats and how good the armor does as a whole. Even though you can often times beat down players in crimson or beetle armor, the stats on the armor are good.


lol a ton of stuff got buffed

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I like how Shroomite is utter garbage now.


Best ranger armor as of today would be:

Personally I might just use the frost chestplate too, you lose 8% damage but gain 8 defense, and the set bonus as well.

Does the frost set bonus still work in PVP? I would assume not, right?

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Debuffs cannot be inflicted onto another player in PvP.

This set-up has the highest ranger damage % as of now.



I don’t think this will change, but just wondering, what is the reason why this is the case?

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Debuffs are a can of worms.

They aren’t necessarily bad or good, but they add a whole plethora of new considerations to PvP. If they are implemented, PvP would have to undergo massive balance changes. Here are some debuffs that should be noted:

  • Confusion
  • Ichor
  • Betsy’s Curse
  • Cursed Inferno (Inhibits Regen)
  • Shadowflame (Inhibits Regen)
  • Acid Venom (Denies Regen)
  • Frostburn (Denies Regen)

The massive, pervasive effects of the aforementioned debuffs on the PvP meta should be self-explanatory. Here are some notable effects:

  • Ichor arrows and venom arrows would dominate the meta.

  • Golden Shower would become significantly more powerful.

  • The addition of these debuffs would bring new meaning to the use of flasks, and this would demonstrably affect all melee weapons and whips.

  • The addition Betsy’s Curse would make Betsy’s Wrath more preeminent than it already is.


Chlorophyte helmet has more damage


Yeah I just noticed it was buffed along with frost stuff

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Oh, I thought the Frost Helmet still gave 16% ranged damage.


It’s a bit time consuming, but it’d be nice if all PvP armors are charted on the topic post. This way, we wouldn’t have to refer to the Google Sheet or PvP Manager.

I don’t want to do it at the moment.


I might do that later on when I have a list of armors that actually perform somewhat good in pvp, not random armors like palm wood or cobalt. Shroomite, Stardust and whatever else should be good in pvp currently.


You’ve already compiled info on most (if not all) the relevant PvP armors on the Google Sheet. Someone just needs to convert that to markdown format.


I just formatted the Crimson armor section.

I wonder if that looks good enough.


Are we able to add our own mixed armor loadouts?

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You could do that, but perhaps you should post your idea in the thread to see if it’s validated.


I edited this even more.