Color Crafting

I’ve noticed that the crafting page is back up, you are able to a craft a custom title/tag, a random title/tag, 50k DP, 20k - 150k DP, and 3 UP for 1 Credit, and 1 UP for .5 Credits. While this is a nice variety of stuff, how about a color creator? It gives the link to a hex-color site, you then type in the hex color, you will then receive the color, it costs more Credits, the higher the deem-able rarity.
.1 = Rarity 1
.2 = Rarity 2
.5 = Rarity 3
.8 = Rarity 4
1 = Rarity 5
1.5 = Rarity 6
2 = Rarity 7
3 = Rarity 8
4 = Rarity 9
5 = Rarity 10
(Unlike the custom tag/title, this will be it’s rarity closest to the color hex) I hope this is a good idea, for me, i would probably do a Rarity 8 Gold color.

Yes please, I have been waiting to get a deep and rich Blue-Violet or a nice dark Green

Honestly, I can’t say I agree. Colors are the only things that aren’t owned by everyone. Since it has become far easier to level, most of the higher level players now have basically everything they could ever need. Making colors craftable just takes away from part of the only challenging thing left in the DTP.

While this is true, there are some colors that seem near impossible to obtain because they are some wacky shade and hue mix. This way the server could get (a little) more money, and players could get the exact colors that they want.

The ammount of credits i suggested were suggestions, if that wasn’t self explanatory, the server gains donations in exchange for people fleshing out there chat a little more, it requires, as i suggested, 5 credits for a R10, which is 5 dollars IRL, and not everyone has a paypal around the corner. This is why this oppurtunity is useful.

The fact that the rare colors are near impossible to obtain is exactly why we shouldn’t go through with this. Literally everything is basically handed to you on a silver platter as I said earlier. If we are to add colors to that list, then what’s the point of playing on the DTP when I can just go work for an hour and suddenly gain every single item I could ever need? I don’t want to turn the DTP into an almost pay to win type of system.
A good example is CSGO. Sure, argue that skins are literally just for display, but once you think about it and realize how many people think that if you have tons of skins and you’ve got the worst possible skill level, then you don’t deserve to have those skins, then you realize how easy it would be to mimic that scenario with the DTP.

For R10 colors, yes those should not be a piece of cake. Or any of the high rarity items for that matter. But it just seems that certain colors, even low rarity ones, are rather rare.
Its just my opinion, I am fine with the purples that I have now and wouldnt say this system is essential, but it could be worked on and made pretty nice I think.

Yes, I do beleive how the fact how the R10 are easy to obtain in this system, being that they cost [i]2 MILLION DP[/i] in the shop, so obviously, they should be [i]10-20 credits[/i], right? Well, with Rofle’s new DTP system that causes the RESTORATION of items, this causes R10 to currrently only last [i]2 weeks[/i], meaning that 10-15 credits sounds viable.

Personally I think that the color crafting shouldn’t be implemented, because then you can just buy credits to craft a R10 color and you didn’t even work for it or you can just vote everyday and get enough credits to craft a color and not play at all.

However, credits can be used for much more, so color crafting is kind of a waste of credits.

But yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, I feel like this addition to the crafting mechanic should be implemented to the Trading System. To those saying that it would became P2W, I oppose that. Credits are still alternate mechanics, gained only by donating and voting. They are used to buy things to improve your time on the System, including Upgrade points used to increase inventory space and CMD slots, and DP used to buy items in the shop and restore the time of current items. So, color crafting is an alternative to an alternative. My votes are either for the addition of color crafting or for reducing the cost of R10 items in the shop by a nudge.

I still stand by what I say.
R10 colors are the only thing the trading system has to offer for long time veterans to the system, or for amazing grinders like Kitteh.
R10 colors NEED to stay rare, otherwise there will be little to no thrill in opening loot boxes, as you will have seen everything be used a million times over. If you ask me, credits should be used for custom titles and tags ONLY.