/Color Command Idea

The only people allowed to use color tags in chat and custom titles and tags are staff at the moment. I think a good way to change that is by making it a command. Here are a few details on the command.

  1. This command should allow you to use color tags like [c/FF0000] in chat and custom titles and tags.

  2. This command should be a donator command. That way it would be a reward for your support.

  3. This command would be similar to /RoD, as it is not a command, but an ability.

Please comment and tell me if you think this is a good :slight_smile: or bad idea :frowning:

Colored titles/tags are planned (I believe), but with crafting. You’d combine a title/tag and color to get a colored title/tag. I’m not sure how I feel about if it should become a donor command.

Good idea, but the only part I disagree is the /color name part. This would ruin the whole point of that cmd and make /color name useless if you have /color.

I agree with Dille on that.

Yeah you’re right