[Closed] which is the most powerful weapon in the game

this is not spam because I have seen it before example what jelly are you or who are you so anyway


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SERIOUSLY. Why not PM this to someone?! We have too many threads that are entirely useless, We don’t need this one too!

But I say the best wep is the flairon for melee and the tsunami for shooters.

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BoB made that “What Jelly Are You!?” thread, because he is trying to spice up the site a little bit. This thread is just a question that you could have asked on shoutbox. Please do no use caps either, it would be appreciated. Also, yes, it is flairon in my opinion.

I am going to go ahead and close this. Next time please just ask on the server, shoutbox, or pm. Thanks you :slight_smile:

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