[Closed] Thummim's Helper Application

[Q1] What is your in-game name?
My in game name is Thummim. You can always see me hanging around near the PvP area and just chatting.

[Q2] How often are you on the server? (Include timezones and exact times only; no generalizations)
I am online every Tuesday - Thursday since I am in Uni but I don’t have classes during these days. These past few days I am almost always online. I wake up everyday either 4am or 5am and will be online until 4pm - 5pm every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I play for 12 hours straight and then goes online for a couple of times again before going to sleep. GMT +8 Pacific Standard - Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines

[Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper?
I think the main reason I want to be a helper is because, even though I just discovered the server, I immediately fell in love with the community. I’m a typical loner and almost all my friends are online. It’s fun just being with other people, hanging out, and just having a good time. Also a lot of people helped me during my first time in the server and I’ve noticed that there are a lot of new people every single day that need help with commands and stuff. I see them chatting and no one is paying them attention, I want to change that and make the server a lot more responsive to its community.

[Q4] Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
Yes. In fact I always make sure that, when someone needs help, they get the attention they need. It’s not fun and in fact saddening to be ignored, a thing I have experienced in other Terraria servers.

[Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
Yes. I have talked to a lot of veterans in the server and other Crew members as well. I know the rules and especially the commands and the location of items; since I tend to get lost at the array of chests when I first started that I opted to memorize the location of every single item available in the server.

[Q6] Tell us about you?
I’m an 21-year-old university student from De La Salle University - Science and Technology Complex. Currently taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with specialization in Software Technology. I have been playing games since I was 3 because my uncle was a huge gamer as well. I can help with the technical stuff about the game and even assist in the possible event of a DDoS attack and a server side problem.

[PS] I didn’t realize that you needed to be a Crew to be a Helper. I’m not a Crew and if it’s okay I would still like to be a Helper. If I wouldn’t be allowed then it’s fine as well.

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yo man !.. thanks 4 the help eysterday …

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[quote=Thummim]I’m not a Crew and if it’s okay I would still like to be a Helper. If I wouldn’t be allowed then it’s fine as well.[/quote] You need to use one of the four options to become Crew.

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