[Closed] The Defenders

The Defenders
We are a clan that helps newbies or people that just don’t know to PvP to make them better and make this community bigger. And also punish the rule breakers.


In this clan, We defend people that are newbies or which don’t know to PvP and help them to get better, There is people that can be teached and can’t be, Terraria PvP community is small and should be bigger, If we can convert at least 1/10 of the newbies that come to PvP and try PvPing to only get destroyed by experienced people, We can make this community bigger.

Of course, This doesn’t mean that you can’t do PvP, But if you abuse newbies you’re not gonna make it any better.

The purpose of this clan is to make the PvP community bigger and punish the ones that breaks the rules. Most of the people that break the rules won’t get any repercussion.

What i mean by rules are for example: Using exploits (shiny stone, etc.), PvP Logging and others.

Don’t be an hypocrite, don’t break the rules and don’t abuse newbies! Help them to be good PvPers and together we can make this community bigger!


Leaders: The leaders! beetleeye1602 & Aztopa, or maybe known as Chronium & Eveready.
Adamantite Defenders: Members of the clan, that have proved that they’re better than the most at PvP.
Mythril Defenders: Members of the clan, that have proved that they are good at PvPing and have a good knowledge of PvP.
Cobalt Defenders: Members that have proved they have a basic knowledge of PvP.
Newbies: New members of the clan.

How to join
  1. Get an discord account
  2. Join this discord server and apply there:

Please leave any review or suggestion in the comments!