[Closed] TerrariaDude's Helper Application


Separate each response and for the questions do [b]QUESTION[/b ] (response)
I see you helping a lot. +1


add more to Questions 2 3 and 4. then if i see you help a bit more in game i will consider giving you my vote

TerrariaDude, you’re a good friend and help a lot of people, good luck on trying to get Helper!

ok so we need some Helper are more Active so that they can help other people and we see and I see your helping a lot of people I’ll give my vote for ya… :smiley:


And one other thing I hope they have an /kick or /ban because some annoying people advertising when an admin is offline -.-

Because you sometimes help players. Making some discussion (in-game) about this and that on the server and players.

Good luck terrariadude ( • ̀ω•́ )✧