[Closed] Summy's Helper Application

My in-game Name is Summy

I’ll be on the server Usually around 8:00Pm-12:00pm On weekends My timezone is EST On Weekdays I’m on at 4:00Pm-10:00Pm

I Want to be helper for a few reasons, i like the server in every way i can Also, i would often ask new players to the server ‘‘Have You Read the rules’’ i would explain to them commands such as ‘’/i’’ and how it works or i would Tell them how to get crew to start building houses across the map. I just don’t want Helper Just to have the Title ‘‘Helper’’ i want it because i would like to help the community grow till its fully maxed out with all the support it can get.Also, i Would like to be a person to look up to on the server in many ways. i want to be a role model to other people so i can stick up for them on the server.And Lastly i would like to say that i want to be Helper and do as the title says.This is why i want helper on DG.

Yes i would answer any Question anyone ask. Like the most often question i would get ask is ‘‘How do you spawn bosses’’ I would Drop everything and answer how to do it i would say’‘break The sign that has the boss id on it with a hammer or pickaxe’'Yes i would Help others at every way i can no matter what i type farely fast so i can answer questions really fast.i have good grammar so that New people can understand what i say to them.I would Explain to ‘‘Guest’’ How to do /Register (Password) then /login (Password), After that i will Explain to them about crew and how to get Ranks.

Yes i have been playing Terraria since the day it came out on October 1st i have Very strong Knowledge About the game and how it works.I have over 1000+ Hours on Terraria played in all.I know all Potions And their names I know all the armor Etc. I think if i was put on the spot for a question i would tell the player ''Look it up on google at Terraria Wiki (Item Name). If they ask what are classes i would answer in Mage/Melee/Summoner/Ranger are all classes of the game.

My name is josh In Real life I’m from The USA and Im 15 and always was interested in Video Games In my Life all The way i can remember I’ve been playing pc games My Whole life and sometimes console.There is nothing better than helping others to me with their deeds I will never give up on anything i do no matter what.My whole life is based around just supporting others. i like school a lot trying to pick a college at the moment

Thank You For Reading and have a nice day

You are a great person who definitely deserves to be a Helper. +1

Try spacing out the questions with an empty line after each answer. Also, work on your capitalization. Specifically your “I’s” and capitalizing the wrong words. Maybe add a bit to Q6, and bold the questions with [‘b] [Q#] [’/b]. Otherwise, good luck Summy

+1 Good luck sum, always good to see another 15 year old on. :wink:

+1 glhf with your testing ;p

Also, the dev’s were talking about the possibility of a healer class. :smiley:

+1 plus your a friendly person

+1 You really deserve to be helper,you are a nice person and everyone’s good friend :slight_smile:

+1 You fit the role nicely

+1 I know you’ll be a great helper, Summy! :smiley:

welp, looks like you got way more than the required 3, Summy. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 Nice guy in-game; Good application.

+1 Summy is a friendly person. I know he enjoys and cares about this community. Maybe not always speaking in clear way, but I dare to say, he’ll for sure be a good asset here :slight_smile:

@theinfestr 5 +1s are required to be put in pending (aka testing phase) and it’s good that summy has reached the point. I am the only helper at the moment and we definitely need more.

Edit: It has changed back to 3 +1s my bad.

Alpha, just because i have the required 1+'s does not mean i’ll be helper it just means i will be put in the ‘‘Pending’’ stage and i will have to be tested

Yeah I said that in brackets (aka testing phase) :stuck_out_tongue: I believe you can pass no problem anyways.

+1 Great job summy u deserve it!

Well You never know Alpha :smiley:

You’ve achieved +10 in 2 days. I think it’s safe to say you could’ve made this app a week ago and still would’ve gotten into the pending phase, no problem

Thanks Mrsandwich that means a lot :smiley:
Also how long does a pending phase last…?

testing phase is a week