[Closed] Sam2130 helper app


[Q1] What is your in-game name?


[Q2] How often are you on the server?

I am on 4/10 hours a day and can be on 12am to 10pm.

[Q3] Why do you want to be a Helper?

I have no friends and I like to help and i get board time to time so if I get board i can help people.

[Q4] Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?


[Q5] Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?

Yes and I have been a helper before and been getting better at it.

[Q6] Tell us about you?

My name is Sam I live in England/sheffield I am 10 years old I play video games a lot
I love playing on the server.
I am going to make YouTube videos soon as I am 12/16 years old.

I say you will get it good luck and +1

Needs much more detail. You are 12/16 years old? Which one is it? I’m guessing 12 judging by your spelling. 4/10 hours? which one is it? this doesnt even need staff’s attention…somebody close this…please either do a massive upgrade and spill your answers instead of saying its one or the other or make a whole new one or accept if you cant write a few paragraphs to become staff you don’t care.

Ok If play on the server on a good day to 12am to 10pm and I will start makeing videos soon as I am 12 years old
But I am going to be 11 in 2 days but I am 10 for now.

Same as stated on https://dark-gaming.com/thread/closed-sam2130-helper-app.1203