[Closed] my application for hack testing

Ok, so I’m just wondering I have seen some people do this and I think I want to I’m already helper so I think i’m qualified.

I want to take on the importance of testing god mode modded characters like ex:

Tim: hey guys
me: hello
Some: hey that’s not fair
me: /tp Tim
me: whats going on
Some: tim is hacking he has unlimited life!
Me: let me test
me: /slap tim 500 dmg
*tim does not die
me: im going to report
2nd door way to this problem if i get permission
me: /kick tim
*tim has been kicked
*Tim rejoins
Some: he is hacking again!
/ban add tim for hacking (or i report depends)

that is why i think I should take this role again im already a helper and I am doing very well and I have TRIED to apply for mod but it is locked so I think i should take up this role
( This is very short so, sorry but no format so…)

Ehm… Are you helper? It doesn’t show it. And if you are why not just make a mod app?

They will never expect a helper to be a hack tester im undercover!

and they locked my mod app

I don’t believe you are a helper. It doesn’t say you are on the site. Also, please note, what you are describing is a staff job. I’m sorry but this is not possible.

If you are a helper you should have a helper rank at the site, if not have a helper title or color in the trading inventory or promoted to helper in the server itself. But no. so No.

I am absolutely sure you are not going to get /slap 500 or /kick and /ban. Only moderators can use that because they are responsible and wont abuse their power. Also are you really a helper? Because I don’t see you help and it doesn’t show :confused:

This is not a valid application, and anything in here is not possible. Closed