[Closed] Just got banned

[Q1] Provide the Ban link
[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
Yeah, ive break the rules, and i accept that.
[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
Yes, In that moment i ignored the rules for some reason, or i forgotted them.
[Q4] Why should we unban you?
Well, first ill start how did i got banned

Today, 26/04/2015 i got banned for ‘‘Griefing’’, Yesterday, i was just playing normally, trying to level up, and when i went to /spawn i saw some players right to me doing something in a giant unprotected zone, they was breaking, placing random blocks, i joined the zone and asking: whats this?, no one answer, a friend came to talk me so to spend time i just did anything there, i started breaking the walls and that, no one said something to me, and i disconnected from the server.

Im sorry for my bad english and for breaking the rules, thanks for reading.

PD: I didnt put my terraria username here, my username is: DarwinW

You griefed quite far from the area known as Sandbox, half a world distance. Ill upload the grief pictures once Ill be able to.

The following pictures shows that you according to anti-grief plugin were placing blocks / walls,
many of them, at the Dakota-Shop.
The only question that I got is why did you ignore the rules? Isn’t it clear that the buildings that are owned
by players \ by the server’s system, aren’t allowed to be messed with, but only the owners are allowed to?

Before +Proof-

After (+Amount of restored blocks)

Spooder showed me this yesterday and also A68 said something in shout out box.

Oh, throught it was of the sandbox, Im really sorry about this, ive found lots of unprotected buildings and this is one of them, im really sorry, now i know this ban its fair. thanks for your time.

Please get over the rules and you’ll be unbanned.

This person does not seem sincere, and with the “I’ve found lots of unprotected buildings” kinda tells me they have griefed multiply times/buildings. I vote against unbanning.

I havent, i just said ‘‘i’ve found’’ not i’ve griefed, also, i just fly away from them.

I was a old admin from dark-gaming, why i would do that?.

I dont know and honestly do not care if you used to be an old admin as we went through much harder situations. Pickles, Im doing a daily grief check on all of the server and didnt find anything but I recall that he might really “checked” the unprotected areas, so we’ll need to consider his aspect as well and to protect areas that currently aren’t.

*EDIT. Just ignore this please.

Ban appeal is locked.
If you will wish to be un banned you’ll need to open a new one.