[Closed] [iAmAwesome] Helper Application

IGN ~``~~ iCaptainCakeLord. <-- I might change that later but for now I will keep it

How long can you play on the server daily? ~~~ 3 hours. Note that I can’t play sometimes in years. In 2017 I probably can all year.

Why do you want Helper? ~~~ I have been staff on MC servers before and I love to see players to have fun, and to see the server slowly grow. But I also love to help other people and server and even real life. If someone need to know how to apply. I tell them the website. If someone needs and item. I can tell them the /item command or which chest its in. I don’t only like helping. But being nice, helpful and thanking someone who donated or voted. If someone new joins I can tell them: “Welcome (player) to the Dark Gaming server! Please vote and donate to show your support. And if you want to become staff. You can apply at: dark-gaming.com. Thank you for joining us”

Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things? ~~~ Yes. As I said above. That is my job.

Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you? ~~~ Yes. I have played on the server for about 2 years now. I think I know a lot.

Tell us about you ~~~ Me. Martin. As a helper of servers and websites from all around the world, Help other servers go up in the world and make players have fun and laugh. I can tell them a joke for example. That is basically all I have to say.

I hope you will have a good day and accept my application

You are not following the format, copy and paste the questions. Add more to the last question. Here’s the link to it: https://dark-gaming.com/thread/format-application-for-helper.2

First off - incorrect format.
As Victor said, you have to follow the format in the link given.
Make sure to bold the questions (i.e [Q1]What’s your in-game name?)
Add a lot more to Q6.
Also, you’re definitely not taking this seriously enough.
Rofle said he won’t just take anyone for helper.
And well,
Plus, helper apps take months. Its basic requirement is activity. And I’ve never seen you on.
I’m sorry, -1 for me. I don’t want just anyone for helper. I’ve been training for 3 months, and waiting for 2 years to apply. Yet, you joined yesterday, and I think you want helper because why not.

Also, you can’t just tell people to apply staff.
Like, wtf dude -_-

I agree with Unikram, also you need to be on the server for over a week. You can’t just tell someone “You can be staff if you apply!” It would be too hard to have like 100 staff members who are not worthy of the role. I’ve been on the server for 2 years to get helper, an app just doesnt instantly get accepted if you make one. “See the server slowly grow”, uh DG is like the 4th biggest terraria server. “I have played on the server for 2 years now” yeah sure. Just yesterday you were guest and I have never seen you on. This is meant to be a very serious and mature application. -1 from me as well. tbh, you seem like one of those guys who want to be staff to get cool commands and don’t really care about the server. Also, you don’t seem like you are the kind of person who can be staff on other servers, unless the server has some terrible owners.

       Couldn't you, Razor, just say that his app is not good and the fact that he joined just yesterday, of how I've heard from you two, there was really no need to say that he's "one of those guys who want to be staff to get cool commands and don't really care about the server", it kinda sounds like you're telling him that he's a terrible person and you never want to see him again lol, or maybe it is just me. And I agree with Uni, you can't compel the staff to accept your app, even tho it's not good, also, you lack some requirements to be helper. Here's the list of the requirements:
      -Have been on the server for at least 1 week
      -No application made which has been denied within the last week.
      -Have good spelling and grammar (to an extent)
      -Be mature
      -Be willing to give up normal Crew stuff to help people
      -Already help people on a daily basis and answer questions
      -Have a good moral standing
      -Have Crew status

      We all want responsive staff that wish to participate at helping the server as much as they can and that we can count on. We don't know much about you, since you gave us so little information about you and didn't even get people to know you. :P
      If you so say that you were staff on other servers, tell us on what servers you were staff on, and what game too.
      I'm sorry, but I will give you [b]-1[/b] for not meeting the requirements and for possibly lying that you were staff on MANY other servers, you didn't even say in what server you were/are staff on. About the format? Everyone has a second chance with fixing their application, but not with the requirements. your app will possibly not get accepted, but you will be able to create another one after one week, having the requirements and good content in your app.
      By the way, from when I joined Dark Gaming to become a helper, it took me 2 months, I am just saying so that you don't have to think that you have to be with the server for 2 whole years to get staff, no way xD.