[Closed] Helper Application

  1. My in-game name is Pewdiepie2

2.I am on the server almost everyday for about 2 hours or more.

3.I want to be a helper, so i can show people how to be a part of this wonderful Terraria community.

4.If I have to help a person instead of building a building, I will do so.

5.I remember almost all of the things that wapapapapappow showed me on how to be a part of this community.

  1. I am a male that lives in Ohio and I am in the 7th grade. I have about a 3.8 G.P.A. and I love all animals. I am deep in sports, but I will stay committed to the group. My favorite sport is baseball and have good social skills

If you vote for me thank you, if you don’t then I will try to understand why and fix this problem. Thanks for reading :).

You’ll need more information to gain my +1. Try to expand on your answers and be more specific. Mainly on Q3+4

Make this application longer. Q6 and Q4 need waaaaayyyy more than you have written.

Yeah, and 6 as tip said.

I agree with the other 2 questions need longer answers and I havent seen you help any on the server

There are no +1s or -1s at this time, so I will wait until he edits and gets +1s before the testing phase.

Hey Pewdiepie2, I suggest you to look at other Helper application topics and get some ideas about things to write on yours.
6. , 3. ,5. mainly need to be longer so we will know more about you, and to earn other’s and mine +1s.
Good luck! :smiley:

I say [b]-1.[/b] pewdiepie2 was really mean to me when me and Tip were fighting. It wasn’t even his fight and he tried to shove his opinion in.

Dragon that is something personal, nothing to do with his ability to become a helper. As I said before, Pewdiepie, please try to make it longer. :smiley:

no. Helpers are supposed to be nice and pewdie wasn’t. And hasn’t been nice to me at all. ever

I’ve never seen pewdie help before, but pewdie is nice so my vote is neutral.

[quote=RubberDuckyFoxtrot] DO NOT make a -1 or +1 personal in any way. [/quote] Well it seems that my point is proven.