[Closed] Helper Applicant

Im on the server almost every day… And I really like the place… So, I would like to help out the people around it, therefore I would like to apply for being a helper of DG… Please accept my offer for my services… It would be much appreciated

  1. You can’t apply for helper anymore, you need a badge for that, but the badge system isn’t active yet.
  2. You were supposed to follow a format when making a Helper Application.

You didn’t even fucking try lmao

Just be quite… I didnt know this thing was closed…

Not only that, but being a helper isn’t that much of an easy task. In my honest opinion I doubt you’d do a good job of it because of your childish behavior, but you need to earn the trust of others first. DG is one of the biggest servers in the world, it won’t be that easy to get a subclass staff role. We need people who will do a good job Anyway, good luck on your journey to be helper n shit

in the world lmao
I think you mean in Terraria
but raz you shouldn’t be the one talking
you’re just as childish and as of recently, not many people trust you

“Not many people” yeah you and your 50 bot friends from steamship don’t count m8
And don’t tell me that I’m childish, your avatar is literally a fucking meme

it’s quality memes you pleb
and yes you are indeed very much childish
and steamship is dead smh I have other friends that don’t include raz and the puberty gang

Please Uni, the last time I actually saw you do your job as a helper properly was over a month ago. Don’t go calling others childish when you can’t even fulfill a simple role and spread cancerous memes trying to be funny.

I do a good job being helper? Just because I don’t always have time to be on the server with you doesn’t mean I don’t help when I do. And you can’t go pretending you aren’t childish. You can’t just earn a couple of subscribers on your youtube channel and go bragging around how you are so “popular” you don’t even need me as a friend anymore. You know what’s that called? Two-facing. And that’s very much childish.

Lmao, I’m pretty sure all the time you spend shitposting memes on discord can be spent on DG doing your job. And I didn’t want to be friends with you because you’re rude, audacite and offensive. I never used my channel as an excuse to not be friends, nor did I ever say I was a big youtuber. Infact, most of the time I talk about how bad my channel is.

[b]First off[/b], Tem, think logically when using "..." instead of full stop. Apart from that, you seem to be quite trustworthy to me, but I've heard enough theory from you, how about some practice? You want the DG forums and DTP to look different, better and more suitable to the adjective "Dark". How about you try to work on it? Rofle is busy enough with coding and stuff for the server; he also needs free time, like any other human.

I love your builds btw. :3

[b]Second[/b], Uni, trust me and MANY others that we dislike you for your cockiness. In my opinion, you are more childish than Raz, I mean, right here, you should look a little more professional, you're a helper after all, and that pic is nasty as hell, you should use it somewhere else. I don't care if it's a god's mere or something, surely neither Rofle. Also, most of all the people you've been friends with for a while and had at least one Terraria playthrough with, barely trust you and dislike you most of the time.
Anyway, I'm not telling you that you don't have any rights to argue about something like this, but take in consideration that Raz has a lot of friends that like him and trust him, well some less, some more... (raz, if u would stop writing with blocks [i]"Victor is a cucc"[/i] or something like that, in playthroughs, i'd have more trust in u, ok xd) You should do this every time you want to argue with someone. Oh and what Raz said about his YouTube channel in his last line is true.

v0cc is rite

And yes Temmie, there’s alot of aforementioned stuff you’d like to do, but if you really want em done, do them yourself. Design a new website and show it to Rofle or someth

Your actually right on this one Raz, If I want to get Rofle’s approval, I might as well do the thing myself and see if he likes it.

You know, Raz, you can actually be helpful at times. Besides, Friendship teaches lessons, and we should consider helping each other build strengths and recognize each others weaknesses, what do ya say??

And, Uni, Vic is right, you can be more childish than all of us, besides, I’m 15, so I’m still entitled to being childish, but only when it’s appropriate, so take that into consideration.

When I first met you, you told me you were 13. I doubt you know Uni enough to call him “childish” anyway. And I don’t trust you enough to be your friend as of yet, you’re too much of a little kid.


Just another sighting of raz pretending he never, ever did anything bad at all. Not the first time I see it.

Raz, now that was just unnecessary… That actually kinda hurt my feelings.