[Closed] GenoLover's Helper Application

[Q1] - What is your in-game username?

My in-game username is GenoLover, but I am planning on changing it to LuigiGeek.

[Q2] - How often are you on the server?

I live in an area where the Eastern Standard Time is the used time format. I would always be on from 4PM EST to 7PM EST on the weekdays, and from 8AM EST to 8PM EST on the weekends. This may change every once and a while, based on my schedule, but will not happen too often. Once June comes around, my school year will be ending (it runs from 8AM EST to 2:30PM EST), so I can come onto the server more often.

[Q3] - Why do you want to be a Helper?

I would like to be a helper, considering I love to help people out, even in real life. Doing such a sometimes difficult task makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Considering the only game I play on the server is PvE, if someone asks a question, I would immediately stop fighting to answer their question if possible. I do not currently have one, but I can get myself a Phase account to keep a watchful eye of the chat to answer any questions.

[Q4] - Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?

Yes, I will prioritize answering questions of people on the server. Unless a real life tragedy befalls me, DG will be my top priority to pay attention to. I don’t have much else to do, so not much will stop me from doing this. If I’m in PvE and someone asks a question, I will die to answer it. If I’m in PvP with a killstreak (that won’t happen btw) and someone asks I question, I will die to answer it. If I’m building a nice structure and someone asks a question, I will die to answer it.
Don’t ask how that works…

[Q5] - Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?

I believe I have a good enough knowledge of Terraria and DG for me to be of good use to add to the Helper group. If someone wanted to know where an item was, I could almost immediately tell them where it was located.

[Q6] - Tell us about you?

I live in Pennsylvania, United States of America (I hate the cold here, in case you were wondering). I am just about the most sarcastic person my friends know. I tend to be more emotionally driven than logically driven. I have two sisters, ages 28 and 29. The one sister Kat(hryn) has four children: Auron (age 7), Isyce (age 6), Amaya (age 2), and Killian (6 months). My other sister, Debbie (Debra), has only one child, named Ollie.

I am 14 years old, and have a (probably unhealthy) addiction to Nintendo. My room is filled to the brim with nostalgia. I prefer Luigi over Mario, if it wasn’t obvious. I am horrible at drawing (People tell me otherwise, but I think I’m bad).

I first got into Terraria during When my one friend showed me this server, I was in awe. The people were so friendly that I smiled every time I talked to someone. I now have over 11k hours in the game.

In real life, I was unfortunate enough to have Asperger (known as Autistic Spectrum 1), Depression, Attention Deficient Hyper-Active Disorder (ADHD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It would be incredible to be accepted into the Helper team, and I appreciate taking your time to read this.

EDIT 1: Fixed some grammar mistakes and added a bit to Q4.

That’s a nice and long application. Haven’t really gotten to know you, but it’s been told that you were a good friend to Raz.
I wish you good luck, Geno/Luigi!
Oh, also the +1!

+1 Good luck my friend! I see you helping around alot and your app is pretty fleshed out. I see alot of potential in you mate!

breathes in
breathes out

All the +1s! The app’s well made, I see great potential (and I’ve known you for so long) so good luck.

+1 here!!! I can see that you are well known in the game and have the properties that qualifies a DG helper. GOOD LUCK!

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: