[Closed] 3 players refusing to leave the Cobalt base




Screenshots of the 3 players that wouldnt leave the cobalt base. General can back me up on this

I have then like 50 warning and still refusing to listen

I have then like 50 warning and still refusing to listen

ops 2 type my bad

i saw too

lol I mean I gave them like 50 warnings and still not refusing to listen

Its not like the mods can ban them for what is a rather petty reason. They aren’t meant to be in there, but it’s not like they could cause any major damage, especially since the person who is in the wrong can’t really do anything at all as a guest.

what is the problem? two members/crew telling me to get oudda a clan base wouldn’t get [b]me[/b] out either. So what? Maybe they wanna be able to say they’ve explored the entire planet. It’s not against any rule to do this… They can’t be banned for it.

As STS said this is too petty of a reason to be banned. I am very sure that no one will ban these people. This report is pointless. They were not breaking any server rules, they were only breaking Cobalt Rebellion clan rules. With that being said, I’m going to close this.

Just going to uncolse this for a sec to say, just ask one of us to come on! Because staff can just tp him out of the base and to knock it off. He is under no obligation to listen to you guys, but when we come on he’ll leave. Just cut to the chase and come and get one of us.