Clan Warp

I Appreciate that you made me a warp for my Clan, Zues.
But may a Admin, Super-Admin or Mods(If They Can)
Change the warp name, “hiro” (/warp hiro)
Into the name, “Zerkies HQ” (/warp Zerkies HQ)
Thank You.

Exact Spot (GPS)
Position: 6558 Feet West
Depth: 3970 Feet Above

oooh a clan warp?! cool!!! rainbow legion next!:stuck_out_tongue:

rainbow already has one

/warp Rainbow HQ

we do?! oh. whoops :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t tell pete!

ooooooh that’s nice Clan warp:).Dragonslayer why did you say “dont tell pete”??

cuz it tp’s u on the spikes

Oh I did not know we had a warp. My question is, will enemies use the warp to infiltrate our base?

probs. we need the warp to warp in the danger area and turn a one sec timer on. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes I will use warp to infiltrate your base muahahaha

NOOOO no! we make it warp into danger area!!!

TheAliens, you are our ally, you know that right? So you could use the warp anytime. Yeah, they should have it so if the enemy tries to warp, it should put them in the torture room, and not let them get out until they die.

torture room…i like it!

Yep, we have one already made, but could improve it.

yeah,I know like joking around :smiley:

spiky ball traps and flamethrower traps

And spikes! xD

wooden spikes!!!

Nah metal.

wooden are found in lizhard temple and are better

Okay, guess weĺl use those then.

yay for spikes! wooden spikes!