Clan: The Vanity Clan (W.I.P.)

This is the Vanity Clan thread!

About Us
The Vanity Clan is a new clan that is really unique. Instead of being a PvP or building based clan like most clans are, the Vanity Clan prides itself in making vanity sets and displaying them for everyone to see (and just having fun and chatting when we’re not designing sets). The leader is XxCustomVanitiesxX, the administrator is TargetEye, our helper* is Alpha Phantom, and our members and applicants are Wacky Wizard, Ocram, Carrie Potter, GamRedos, Alpha Phantom, COAPIG, and Craften.** Like the title says, this clan is a WIP. So, in that case, the Vanity Clan is willing to have some new members. Our clan base is to the right of the warp v2fb, but it is a little far away. I recommend using the asphalt bridge to reach it. Our base is made of cobalt brick and pearlwood, and is visible from the minimap if you’re on the asphalt bridge. Our base contains inspiration items, as well as displays for vanity sets made by members of the Vanity Clan, and the clan hangout. We also now have a super-secret staff base (see if you can find it!)

Requirements to Join
The requirements are not very hard to meet. The first requirement is that you must be a member. The second is that you must have an account on this website. The third is that you must create and show me a vanity set, which I must approve of being cool/interesting enough to show you’re worthy of joining the clan. That is all.

How to Join
To join the clan, please post down below and answer these questions to show that you meet the first two requirements, as well as giving me more information about you.

1) What is your in-game name?
2) What times are you usually on the server?***
3) Tell me about you?

After answering these questions I will either approve or deny your application.**** If you are approved, I will give you a time when I would like you to meet me on the server for vanity set testing. You are allowed to prepare before the test, however you must show me the vanity set at some point before time is up.

How to Have Your Vanity Set Featured
If you want to have your Vanity Set featured, you must win one of the fashion shows set up by me. For more info on fashion shows, see the Fashion Show section.

Rising Through the Ranks
Although I wasn’t planning to have this in the clan, I’ve decided it would be fun. Members can have different ranks, which you earn different ways. (Staff cannot rise through the ranks, they stay in their staff position unless they are changed by me.) They are listed in lowest to highest.

Vanity Apprentice: Have a vanity set featured underneath the base.
Vanity Regular: Have 3 vanity sets featured underneath the base.
Vanity Master: Have 5 vanity sets featured underneath the base.
Vanity Veteran: Be in the clan for a month without any warnings.
Vanity Elder: Be in the clan for 3 months without any warnings.

If you have earned multiple of these, the highest rank will be your current rank. Ranks have no real benefit, and in fact, I’m not planning on getting special titles. However, if I do buy some credits one day, I will make sure this is what I spend them on.

Being Demoted/Removed From the Clan
If you are a staff member and are not doing your job, you will be demoted to member. If you are a member and you receive 3 warnings from me or an admin, you will be removed from the clan. Getting warnings for doing something is usually explained on a sign in one of the bases, however doing anything stupid and/or against the rules of the server will usually get you a warning. If you are about to do something questionable, please take these three questions into consideration:

Is what I’m about to do against the server rules?
Will what I’m about to do impact the clan negatively?
Is what I’m about to do unnecessary?

If you say yes to any of these questions, especially the first two, what you’re doing will most likely get you a warning.

Reversing the Effects of Demotion/Removal
If you feel that your demotion or removal was unfair or unnecessary, you can make an appeal. If you would like to make an appeal, fill out the following questions:

1) If your in-game name isn’t the same as your website name, what is your in-game name?
2) Who demoted/removed you?
3) Why were you demoted/removed (explain in detail)?
4) Why should we (the Vanity Clan staff) reverse your demotion/removal?

If your appeal is accepted, you will be returned back to your staff position/welcomed back into the clan. If your appeal is denied, you will NOT be able to submit another appeal, and any further appeal submissions will be ignored.

Fashion Shows
Fashion shows are held in the Fashion Show room underneath the inspirational room. Note that the inclusion of fashion shows has now changed how you have your vanity sets featured. Me and TargetEye are the judges of the show. If you win the show by having the highest amount of points, your vanity set will be featured underneath the building.

Next Fashion Show: TBA.

Current News
Dig Dug, an ex-staff member, has been banned. Thank you for your time as helper, and for building the super secret staff building. You will be remembered.

That is all of the information about the Vanity Clan. Thanks for reading!

*Helpers in the clan do not do the same job as helpers in general on Dark Gaming. In the clan, admins do the job that helpers usually do in general. Helpers in the clan help me build and make decisions.
**These are the in-game names of the clan members, not their name on the website.
***This question is only used for me to know what time is optimal for testing if your application is accepted. Do not feel obliged to be on at these times every single day.
****Having your application denied is only possible if you do not put enough information in question 3. About 2 sentences of good content is the least you have to put in, and if you have less, you will be denied.

my ign is target eye
i’m usually on about all day
and im a range class on terraria who normally spends time pvping sandboxing or just messin around(sometimes helping noobs out)
btw this is made same day as i helped u out with the clan building

Yes, I did see you earlier. So, welcome to the clan! By the way, thanks for helping out with the base. :slight_smile:

thanks for the welcome and no problom for helpin u out

custom how do I do the emoticon?

There are certain combinations to make them, and although I don’t know all of them, I do know ; and ) make ;), and : and ) make :slight_smile:

that’s cool let me test :frowning:

EDIT: that’s cool

my ingame name is Craften
im often on the server. when we don’t have school. when we have school i’m on when i did my homeworks
im a mage class. i like the mage spells there are strong. i like to build on sandbox or help others to build that
and i like to pvp
Hopefully i can join the Clan!

Btw thanks that you made that :smiley:

Thank you for your application! The testing will start the next time I see you. If you’re online right now, we could do it now. If not, you may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, because I will be unavailable later today and tomorrow.

ok Monday i try to be on

  1. What is your in-game name? GamRedos

  2. What times are you usually on the server?***
    for at least 3-4 hours sometimes all day

  3. Tell me about you?
    I like helping in clubs and I look forward to being accepted.
    I wont be mean to others in the clan either I promise.

Wacky Wizard and Ocram have now been demoted. I gave them the almost all of January and they have not come on. I count that as not doing your job. TargetEye has become admin, and Dig Dug will stay as helper.

Fun fact: Marco is Ocram backwards and Marco is Ocrams Programmer

Its true…Look it up on Official Terraria Wiki

  1. My in game name is Alpha Phantom
  2. Usually on at 12pm (GMT+11) and 6 pm (GMT+11) for 1-3 hours depending on the day
  3. I have been playing Terraria for a while and are familiar with most of the mechanics in the game (started in 1.0.2). I like helping others such as giving them advice and telling them where things are whilst still learning a bit myself (about the server I mean) but still enjoying the occasional pvp and pve.

Your application sounds great! Since you’re on now, we will go ahead and start the testing.

Ok I’ll find a vanity set of mine then i will come back :smiley:

Since we didn’t do testing, just tell me what time is most convenient for you to do it.

10 - 11 am (GMT+11) should be good :slight_smile:

Sorry I wasn’t able to do it then, I was busy with some really important things. I should, however, be free for the rest of the day today.

Will you be on at around 12-1pm (GMT+11)? :smiley: