Clan limit

I think we need a clan limit because rainbow legion clan has 30 people in it but labrynth of zerkies have only 6 people same with lovely buns (these are the only clans I know about)so I think clans should have a limit of 30 for now so the small clans can get bigger

thanks for taking the time too read this and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

i think it makes sense

No, I think if we get new members, then tough luck(not trying to be mean). I will recommend your clan to them, but if they don’t want to join, then they should be able to be in whatever clan they want. This is just my opinion though.

There will never be a Clan Limit. The more people in your Clan the more that is expected in your clan. To sustain things will be harder because you will have more DP available.

Yeah it will.