Christmas to New Years Hunt!

The Hunt page is open! Win loads of free prizes, with each Egg Level ensuring 4+EggLevel rarity per random item for getting the egg. With a final prize like no other before it!

but idk where’s the UnarmedBox is…

I really need to familiarize the builds of players and admins…

Okay I’ll hint you, it’s not a build, it’s the armor of Unarmedbox on a mannequin. Double hint: Egg hunts levels 1-2 are near or in spawn.
I’m on this buildmode one which is tough as fudge.

Indeed it is.

Armor or vanity?


And the nightmares thing they are totally in the ascension but I can’t find it in there…;-;

You know zombie starts from below and and all players are hoping that they wil not fall on the platforms

Christmas Champion? Not sure I’m supposed to have that…:stuck_out_tongue:

Box’s vanity is cobalt armor.
the nightmare thing is not in accension, but on the platform where people summon a giant piece of snausage…


Well Hunt officially ended I think.

Goes till New Years…

So it failed to stop more than one person getting the last prize. Who actually got it first? I can check if needs be.

TheInfestr got it first.

xD how does the Promise work as well? do i have to give it to you Rofle when the time comes or do i equip it somewhere or…?

The item is like a deed. As long as you have it, you will be eligible for the land when the time comes.