Christmas Night - Update 1

A rather small update, more accurately a fix. Previously the mana and hp chests weren’t set for the event, and now they have been fixed:
20 HP for 2500 points
10 mana for 2000 points

Rather cheap prices for better chances of surviving later rounds to compensate for the currently weak weapons. Once things get round to its normal flow, some weapons will be modded later. Stay tuned.

Oh that is REALLY cheap. 4x cheaper than cryptic castle…

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It is probably gonna be toned down a bit later after the weapon modifications are good enough for decent progress, but that remains to be tested later.

Nice. We can finally buy hp and mp now. Also for Santa class there is no way to buy candy corn for the candy corn rifle weapon. Once you use all 100 bullets there is no way to get more ammo

Did you check the right ammo chest? I am pretty sure I added it on the rightmost chest of the map.

I did. No candy corn was there. At least when I played it yesterday