Christmas Event Titles

(kudos to @LobXTA for the idea to make this suggeston, ily <3)

Let’s be honest, all three Christmas related titles having the somewhat asymetrical “Zombie” in them is a bore. Given that the last Christmas event happened in 2020, a few simple changes to the titles’ names wouldn’t hurt for this upcoming holiday(as long as the event is to happen).

Although completely unoriginal and uncreative, the three suggestions I have are

Zombie Elf >>> Mistletoe(green)

Zombie Santa >>> Rudolph(red)

Zombie Snowman >>> Frosty(white)

If I were to suggest a completely new title to add another color into the mix, it would the the symbolized Hanukkah / Israeli Menorah,


Gold if it’s not metallic always looks like barf, so I’d say a bright banana yellow (not pee colored) should work.


I think a new set of titles this time makes sense, not sure yet on what these will be.


i wonder if someone sent those at #zombies:zombies-map-builders , as well as new reward and quests system idea